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Gorilla Glue Shatter (AAAA)

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Brand: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

Product Code: Gorilla Glue Shatter AAAA

Indica % Sativa %
Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

Hybrid strain at 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

The Original Gorilla Glue Cannabis Strain is a relatively recent addition to the cannabis pantheon, first being created and grown in 2016. It has a close cousin in Gorilla Glue 4, although people say that the scents are different, with Gorilla Glue having a fresher, more pine-laden scent than any of its relatives. It flowers in a short space of time, although the yield can be variable. This plant is not suitable for an indoor grow due to its height and scent – while the smell is fresh and earthy, it is also very strong. The smell will fill the room and the building with its presence.

Gorilla Glue is bred from two sativa strains – Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. People report that it is a very heavy experience, and do not recommend it for first-timers, but also say that the effects are guaranteed to work. The major effect of Gorilla Glue is relaxation, closely followed by happiness, euphoria, drowsiness, and a feeling of being uplifted. Because of these attributes, medical and recreational usage tends towards using the strain for relief from stress and extreme pain above anything, with many recreational users stating that when they want pain relief, they will automatically go for Gorilla Glue. Closely following onto this, Gorilla Glue is used by both camps as a means of stimulating the appetite, and relieving the symptoms of insomnia and depression. The sativa content of the strain means that it can be used for depression without any fear of making things worse.

Effects of Premium Shatter

Light shatter produces more of a mental high than a physical high. It gives your energy a boost, leaving you more energized and invigorated. In addition to this, light-colored shatter also helps improve creativity and focus. light shatter is also known for its pain-relieving and relaxing effects.

Medical Conditions

People suffering from chronic pain may be able to find relief in using light shatter. It can help reduce pain due to arthritis and headaches.

It may also be used to relieve mental health problems such as depression, chronic stress, as well as anxiety problems. Its invigorating and energizing effects may be used for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Where to Buy Shatter Online

One of the best online weed shops where you can order shatter is They are one of the most trusted and reliable online weed stores that offer premium-grade shatter. You can purchase them in smaller grams, but if you want great discounts, you may want to check out the affordable prices of their wholesale shatter.

In addition to shatters, also offers other cannabis products such as pre-rolls, buds, oils, tinctures, and edibles.

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Daniel Smith - 29/04/2021

It was just a godsend for me with my insomnia and the inability to relax due to heavy thoughts. I have health problems and have been constantly sore for most of my life, but Gorilla Glue 4 Shatter immediately makes me sleepy and almost no pain. I am delighted.

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