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Medxo Pure CBD

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Brand: BestPotDelivery.com

Product Code: Medxo Pure CBD

Indica % Sativa %

Pain Relief

Medxo Pure CBD

Strain Name: Medxo Pure CBD

Genetics: Medxotic CBD x CBD Therapy S1

Type: 50% Indica /50% Sativa

Brief History of Medxo Pure CBD

Medxotic Pure CBD is highly suited for medical users thanks to its high CBD content and THC values (lower than 1%). Expect a powerful medical relief without experiencing overly psychoactive effects. pleasant fruity flavour reminiscent of melon and orange. Low THC levels allows the user to focus on everyday tasks, such as studies, work, and family.

Distinguishing Features of Medxo Pure CBD

The buds of are slightly elongated in shape and minty green in color. Tiny, vivid orange hairs twist in and around the buds, while frosty-white trichomes densely cover each bud. The leaves of Medxo Pure CBD are bright green in color, slightly broad, and gently curl inward.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Medxo Pure CBD

Flavors and Aromas of Medxo Pure CBD

Medxo Pure CBD has a very pungent and dank aroma reminiscent of skunky, rotting fish. You`ll also notice an earthy, Kush scent with hints of diesel and spices. It tastes dank and skunky as well with traces of diesel and spices. It may cause you to gag at first, but this strain packs a potent punch of CBD.

Effects of Medxo Pure CBD

Medxo Pure CBD produces a mental high that leaves you feeling happier and more content. One deep toke and you`ll feel your mood improving. Its physical high will soon follow. You will feel your muscles start to relax as all the tension leave your body. You will also feel your mind relaxing, leaving you calmer.

Medical Conditions

Medxo Pure CBD is a good strain to use in the evening. It promotes better sleep which helps insomniacs. It also helps stabilize mood which benefits people with depression, chronic stress, and anxiety problems. The potent analgesic effect of Medxo Pure CBD may be able to help people suffering from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and migraine attacks.

Where to Buy Medxo Pure CBD

If you`re looking for this particular strain, you can order Medxo Pure CBD from bestpotdelivery.com. They are a reliable and trusted provider of premium-grade, fresh cannabis buds.

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justme - 19/03/2020

decarb and consume a half gram,.......
this one is good one. if you have any forms of RA you will know what i mean.

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