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What is a Marijuana Pre-Roll?

A marijuana pre-roll simply refers to marijuana that has already been rolled. It is a blunt or joint that was already prepared before it was sold or intended for consumption. Pre-rolled marijuana is often small and of low price. They are also readily available for purchase. Marijuana pre-rolls are ideal for marijuana users who have nimble fingers or do not want to invest in a bong or similar equipment. They are also ideal for users who do not have the time to roll their own blunts or to practice rolling their own joints. Pre-rolled marijuana also come in handy when a cannabis user simply wants to enjoy the feel, taste, and elegant simplicity of a well-rolled blunt. Recent versions are consumer-friendly and offer total transparency with regards to the strength of the cannabis brand. That has further assisted consumers in deciding the joints that best suit their needs.

How Pre-Rolled Joints Are Made

Traditionally, pre-rolled joints are often made using leftovers and bottom-of-the-barrel shake. However, the increased need for higher quality cannabis has driven companies to pre-roll higher quality joints. The shake is gathered and funneled into cones or rolling papers either by hand or using a pre-rolling machine. Ground nugs of cannabis can also be added into the mix to increase the quality. Once in the rolling papers or cones, a machine is used to shake the joints and ensure the mixture is well settled and the air pockets are removed. The contents of each joint may also need to be tamped down gently to make sure they are not too loose or too tight. Tight or loose contents cause the joint to burn poorly. Finally, the tip of the roll is twisted to complete the pre-rolling process.

Hand-made pre-rolls often do not match the aesthetic appeal of machine rolled joints no matter how skilled the “roller” might seem. Pre-rolling machines are, therefore, more preferable since they can pre-roll up to 100 joints in a few minutes and maintain the aesthetic appeal of a well-rolled joint at the same time. The pre-rolled joints can be sold individually or packed in packages of five or more joints. A package of joints is often referred to as a joint pack and make it easier to share out joints among friends or fellow smokers. Joints in a joint pack are individually inspected before packaging into boxes. The boxes are then heat-sealed to preserve the freshness of the cannabis.

Are There Any Secret Ingredients in Pre-Rolls?

The shake is the key gradient in the making of pre-rolls. Shake can be considered as a leftover that results from the handling of cannabis flower. They are small pieces of the cannabis flower that break off as the flower jars are moved around in dispensaries by budtenders. Shakes come in different qualities. Shake from jars that have sat for too long are usually dry and therefore of low quality. Similarly, shake that contains bits of leaves and stems are usually of low quality. As a result, the choice of shake used in a pre-roll often means the difference between having a clean smoke or a choking smoke.

One of the major issues with marijuana pre-rolls is the question about the quality. Backward practices have encouraged some cannabis businesses to fill up the pre-rolls with a low - quality shake. A pre-roll comes already rolled up in a paper which makes it difficult to tell what quality of cannabis is rolled up in it. This also makes it easier for such dubious businesses to get away with rolling sub-par shake in joints. In some cases, businesses have used trim instead of shake as the key ingredient for pre-rolls. Trim and shake may be assumed to mean the same thing in some quarters but they do not. Trim refers to the unwanted parts of the cannabis bud that are sliced away. They have less potency and burn with an unpleasant smoke. These practices have seriously dented the reputation of pre-rolls with many consumers developing the assumption that all pre-rolls are low-quality joints.

Where to Find Good Pre-Rolls

Our online shop seeks to restore the dwindling reputation of marijuana rolls. Here you will find high-quality marijuana pre-rolls for sale at some of the best prices in the market. We also provide information about the strength and potency of the pre-rolls for those customers seeking low-strength cannabis. Customers are, therefore, free to request more information about their preferred joint brands before purchases. The pre-rolls are sold in joint packs of different sizes depending on your needs and preferences.

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