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Agent Orange (AAA)

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Agent Orange Kush

Strain Name: Agent Orange Kush

Agent Orange Kush is a Sativa-dominant strain at 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. Possessing potent mental and physical high, Agent Orange strain may not be a good strain for first-time users since its effects can be pretty overwhelming.

Despite its potency though, Agent Orange Kush remains one of the top favorites of many cannabis enthusiasts.

Brief History of Agent Orange Kush

Originally created by TGA Subcool Seeds, Agent Orange Kush is said to be the offspring of Space Queen and Jack`s Cleaner crossed with Orange Skunk.

MzJill Genetic`s Agent Orange Kush cannabis strain, on the other hand, was created by crossing the potent Jack the Ripper strain with popular Orange Velvet.

Distinguishing Features of Agent Orange Kush

The elongated buds of Agent Orange Kush are olive green in color interspersed with purple and deep red hairs. Silvery white trichomes cover the bud in a rich layer.

The dark green leaves are Sativa-looking with tinges of yellow and light orange. They are narrower in appearance, consistent with a Sativa-dominant strain.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Agent Orange Kush

The THC content of Agent Orange Kush is high at about 15%, although some tests reveal it can reach as high as 25%. CBD level is about 0.28% to 0.51%, while CBD content is about 0.01% to 0.08%. Some tests show this strain contains about 1.1% CBC.

It contains high levels of myrcene and terpinolene.

Flavors and Aromas of Agent Orange Kush

Agent Orange Kush has a strong citrus aroma with traces of cheese and ammonia. You will also get small hints of pine aroma. As for its taste, it is sweet and citrusy with hints of spices, cheese, and herbs.

This medley of flavors and aromas make it one of the favorite strains of many.

Effects of Agent Orange Kush

At first deep hit, you will immediately feel a boost in your energy as the stress and pain leave your body. This soon gives way to a feeling of euphoria, contentment, bliss, and happiness.

Despite feeling more energetic, you will also feel calmer and more relaxed as its body high creeps in.

Medical Conditions

Agent Orange Kush is best used in the afternoon. It can relieve headaches, stress, and anxiety caused by day-to-day problems. It can also help relieve pain and fatigue.

Agent Orange Kush may also be a good strain to use for depression and ADD/ADHD as it can help stabilize mood, calm the nerves, and improve focus.

Side Effects of Agent Orange Kush

Like most Sativa-dominant cannabis strains, Agent Orange Kush is known for the dry mouth and dry eyes sensation that it causes. It can also increase anxiety as well as trigger some paranoia. Some users also report feeling dizzy after using Agent Orange Kush.

Agent Orange Kush may not be the ideal strain for newbies to cannabis.

Where to Buy Agent Orange Kush

You may order Agent Orange Kush online or buy them from your local dispensary. However, if you want to shop in the comfort and privacy of your home, you can order them from

They are one of the most trusted online weed providers in Canada, offering fresh, premium-grade, organic buds.

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Bob - 21/03/2019

Great for when you want energy and a heady feeling. Fantastic quality and slightly moist.

emoticonsking - 22/06/2018

Agent Orange was 50/50 a cannabis and a hybrid for my taste. It acts more like an energizer, with a hint of high feeling in the beginning. I am not quite sure about his pain killing abilities, but it definitely lifts up one's mood and your appetite grows. At first, you see the world in much brighter colors, then it takes you on a road trip, place by place. You feel everything cuz it is so heightened, every sense, every smell, the taste is like you are about to eat it all up. You are giving into the bliss, sweet oblivion. Its odor reminds me of a homemade orange peel or citrus essential oil. This orange/lemon taste never leave you until the last hits. I`d recommend AO for a tasteful, joyful, relaxing and blissful feelings, like an attraction:)

Jack - 22/06/2018

This one will take you to the stars and back, will wake you up and suck you in. You will feel its strong orange flavor which will remind you of a great, calm evening, give you the best high mood and a definite euphoria in mind.

Dennis P. - 22/06/2018

Definitely my kind of cannabis! Having a bad mood - take it. In my experience, it gives you warm, wide feeling of euphoria. Great high!

An Actual Lawyer - 22/06/2018

This is too cool to be true, but yes, it is. This flower gives you an entire peace and bliss. And arousal that you feel is adding a bonus to that.

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