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What are the Best Cannabis Products for Migraines?

Some people think migraines are similar to headaches. But they’re actually not. Migraines tend to be more severe than headaches and typically last for hours. Sometimes, the pain lasts for days that it incapacitates the sufferer. While conventional medications help, more people though are switching to cannabis products for migraines.

But how does cannabis help migraine sufferers? What are the best cannabis products for migraines? More importantly, are they really effective?

What is a migraine?

A migraine is characterized by a moderate to severe throbbing pain located on one side or the front of the head. Compared to headaches, some migraine sufferers usually feel when an attack is about to happen. They go through these stages.

  • • Prodrome stage: The sufferer experiences subtle changes like mood swings, increased thirst, increased urination, and sudden food cravings. Other symptoms include constipation and neck stiffness. These symptoms typically develop a day or two before a migraine attack.
  • • Migraine aura: Some sufferers develop auras before a full-blown migraine attack. Symptoms include visual disturbance (flashes of light) and motor disturbance (uncontrollable jerking movements of the extremities). Auras also include verbal difficulties, vision loss, and muscle weakness. Others report hearing music or weird noises, while some develop pins-and-needles sensation in their extremities. Auras usually appear about half an hour to an hour before a migraine attack.
  • • Migraine attack: This is the unrelenting, severe to moderate, throbbing pain in one area of the head that goes on for a few hours. Left untreated, it can last for several days. Other symptoms also accompany migraines. Some experience blurry vision, nausea, and vomiting. Some develop extreme sensitivity not only to light and smells but to sounds and touch as well.
  • • Post-drome: The last stage of a migraine, symptoms include weakness, dizziness, and confusion.

Of note, not all sufferers go through the stages though. But it’s just as important to know them. This way, you can catch the symptoms early and take your medications before the migraine gets worse.

Who are at risk of developing migraines?

According to statistics, about 12% of the American population suffers from migraine attacks. In Canada, about 8.3% of the general population is diagnosed with migraines. Worldwide, migraines affect about a billion individuals.

The exact cause of migraines is unknown. But several factors increase the risk. These include stress, hormonal changes, alcoholic beverages, diet changes, strenuous activities, and medications. Sleep pattern changes and weather changes also trigger an attack. Genetic predisposition is also a factor.

What happens inside the brain during a migraine?

The noxious stimulus activates a series of events in the brain. The trigeminal nerve, one of the brain’s major pain pathways, releases chemicals that cause the blood vessels to dilate. It also triggers the inflammatory process.

These events then reactivate the trigeminal nerve. It will send signals to the major pain centers of the brain, particularly the sensory cortex. This receives and processes all sensory input from our body, including visual, touch, auditory, and taste stimuli.

Now, migraine sufferers have brain structural abnormalities like hypersensitive cerebrovascular system, hyperactive trigeminal nerve, brain chemical imbalances, and dysfunctional pain centers. Because of these abnormalities, innocuous and harmless stimuli become excruciatingly painful, resulting in the formation and progression of severe, debilitating migraines.

How does cannabis relieve headaches?

Cannabis has long been used to treat headaches, including migraines. Not only does cannabis decrease the intensity of migraine but it also decreases its frequency as well.

Cannabis relieves migraine headaches through a number of ways:

  • • Increasing the levels of our endocannabinoids so they can activate more endocannabinoid system to produce their analgesic effect.
  • • Activating the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to regulate pain.
  • • Activating and desensitizing the vanilloid receptors quickly to produce analgesia.
  • • Inhibiting the inflammatory process which worsens migraine attacks.
  • • Stabilizing brain chemical levels by reducing the release of chemicals that excite and over-stimulate brain cells.
  • • Regulating vasodilation which contributes to the development of migraine attacks.

Cannabis controls migraine attacks. It has a relatively good safety profile and is well-tolerated by patients.

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What are some of the best cannabis products for migraines?

You’ll find tons of cannabis products for migraines on the internet that choosing one can be pretty daunting. To make it easy for you, we made a list of cannabis products for migraines that you can choose from. These are some of the favorite products used by migraine sufferers.

  • • Apothecanna’s Relieving Body Oil

Relieving Body Oil comes in 30ml bottles. It contains pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients like arnica, juniper, and peppermint. It also contains antioxidants like avocado oil. Of course, Apothecanna’s Relieving Body Oil contains cannabis.

To use this product, pour a little drop on your fingers, apply to the painful area, and massage thoroughly. This product produces a cooling effect which soothes away migraines. If you want a more intense cooling effect, try placing it in your refrigerator before use.

  • • Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm

Releaf Balm comes in 50 ml jars. One jar contains 3:1 ratio of THC to CBD, a total of over 400 mg cannabinoids. Releaf Balm also comes in 15ml jars with a total of 150 mg cannabinoids. This balm is pretty potent with its high cannabinoid levels and terpene content.

To use, simply apply some over the affected area. This balm also works wonders for back and knee pain.

  • • Vera Wellness’ Nasal Mist

This 15ml bottle contains potent therapeutic cannabinoids that deliver fast, soothing effects. The best thing about their Nasal Mist is that you can choose the potency that best fits your needs. They come in 10:1, 1:1, and 1:100 THC to CBD ratio. Nasal Mist contains purified cannabinoids, vitamin E, and all-natural coconut oil.

Newbies are recommended to start with one to three sprays each nostril. For those who are more experienced users, they can start with one to three sprays each nostril then repeat after about 10 minutes.

  • • East Fork Cultivators’ CBD Prerolls

The CBD Pre Rolls come in three strengths. You have Relax, Balance, as well as Create. Relax contains a high CBD to low THC ratio, while Balance contains equal CBD to THC ratio. Create contains high THC and moderate CBD.

These handcrafted prerolls come packed with sun-grown, premium-grade cannabis flowers. They are completely organic and pesticide-free.

  • • FabCBD’s CBD Chews

Forget about popping an Advil each time you get a migraine attack. FabCBD’s CBD Chew is far more effective in relieving migraines. One 4oz jar contains THC-free, organic, and vegan CBD edibles. One fruity edible contains 25mg of CBD and 19% vitamin C, a total of 750mg CBD per jar.

To use, just pop one in and CBD Chews will relieve your migraine in no time at all. It also helps relieve arthritis, anxiety, and sleep problems.

  • • Ojai Energetics’ Super CBD Tincture

Super CBD Tincture boasts of 100%, all-natural, organic CBD tincture. It’s specially formulated to increase bioavailability and promote rapid absorption into the cells. One 30ml bottle contains 250mg of full-spectrum, CBD-rich oil. It also contains superfoods like acerola cherry, hemp seed oil, and moringa.

Super CBD Tincture makes use of Hydrosome encapsulated technology that allows rapid CBD absorption, making it 20x more potent than other CBD-rich oils. Expect to feel some improvements in your symptoms in just under a minute.

To use, simply place a few drops of the tincture (about 1/4 of the dropper) under your tongue and assess how it tastes. If it still tastes a little bitter, place another drop. Continue dosing until the bitterness disappears and it tastes sweet like honey. Once it tastes more like honey, stop dosing and monitor the effects. Patients using Super CBD tincture typically use about two to three droppers.

Of note, don’t take more than 8 droppers per day unless directed by your doctor.

Migraines can be pretty debilitating. It can also significantly impact your quality of life. With these cannabis products (see mailorder indica to buy cannabis online) for migraines, you can expect some relief from your migraines.

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