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Black Tuna Kush (AAAA+)

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Product Code: Black Tuna Kush

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Black Tuna Kush AAAA+

Strain Name: Black Tuna Kush AAAA

Black Tuna Kush is an evenly-balanced hybrid of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. It was created by crossing Herojuana (an Indica strain) with Lamb's Bread (a Sativa strain).

Black Tuna strain is popular for its strong sedative and analgesic effects. However, this particular cannabis strain is not recommended for first-time users due to its high THC levels.

Brief History of Black Tuna Kush

Black Tuna Kush was created by crossing Herojuana with Lamb's Bread. 

Distinguishing Features of Black Tuna Kush

The buds of Black Tuna Kush are slightly round, compact, and densely covered by rich silvery white trichomes. They are dark green in color with purplish hues. Rich orange hairs wrap around the buds.

The leaves of Black Tuna Kush are a vibrant shade of sage with tinges of dark green.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Black Tuna Kush

Black Tuna Kush is known for its high THC content which typically ranges between 22% and 30%. CBD level is usually about 0.9%.

It is rich in terpenes, giving Black Tuna Kush its distinctive taste and aroma. Its rich terpene profile also contributes to the medicinal effects of Black Tuna Kush.

Flavors and Aromas of Black Tuna Kush

Black Tuna Kush has a distinctive pungent and earthy aroma that is also a bit skunky. It tastes skunky and woody as well with hints of spicy and herbal flavors.

Black Tuna Kush also has a bit of cheese flavor that makes this strain all the more interesting and flavorful.

Effects of Black Tuna Kush

Because Black Tuna Kush has a high THC level, you can expect to feel an immediate mental high. You will feel lighter, happier, and more elated. As its physical high takes effect, you will soon feel relaxed and calmer.

Black Tuna Kush is also known to improve creativity. Of note though, Black Tuna Kush can produce powerful munchies.

Medical Conditions

Black Tuna Kush is perfect for evening use. It can relax the muscles and wash away pain. Coupled with its sedative effect, this strain allows you to have a restful sleep, perfect for people suffering from insomnia.

Black Tuna Kush may also be used for appetite loss, chronic stress, and nausea.

Where to Buy Black Tuna Kush

You can order Black Tuna Kush online from bestpotdelivery com. This online weed shop is known for its fresh, premium-grade Black Tuna Kush buds. The buds cost about $10 each.

As soon as you place your order, the company will deliver them to your location, sealed for freshness and discreetly packaged.

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Ian Tully-Barr - 11/06/2022

This is right proper weed. Amazing.

Ryan Cooper - 02/06/2022

Awe inspiring crystals and lots of dense nugs. Definitely relieved some stress smoking this one

Ethan Melmoth - 07/04/2022

Smokes very nicely. Hits hard. Recommend.

Lori Hall - 13/12/2021

Potent smoke nice and fresh and gooey. Nice batch and great sale price!

Marc Lebrun - 02/12/2021

had this for a couple weeks now...gotta say it's the strongest smoke I have tried so far. It's loaded with crystal, 50% crystal maybe, just wow. Thx for making this availlable. Has decent taste and is medium smooth on the lungs.
True 5 star.

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