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Candy Jack (AAA)

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Brand: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

Product Code: @#Candy Jack Strain

Indica %Sativa %

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Pain Relief

Candy Jack

Strain Name: Candy Jack 

Family: hybrid at 50% Sativa / 50% Indica.

Breeder: N/A

Grower: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co 

lineage: Jack Herer x Cotton Candy x Skunk #1

Cannabinoids: THC: 22% - 26% 


Brief History:  Candy Jack cannabis is considered one of the most potent and powerful strains in the cannabis world. It was created by crossing Sativa-dominant Jack Herer and Indica-dominant Skunk #1. Some say though that Candy Jack is a cross between Jack Herer and Indica-dominant Cotton Candy. There are also those that say that Candy Jack is a three-way cross between all three strains – Jack Herer, Cotton Candy, and Skunk #1.

Whatever its exact genetic makeup is, Candy Jack remains as one of the most favorite hybrid strains for its potent cerebral high and ability to counter anxiety and stress. Its popularity and potency have also earned Candy Jack an award at the Cannabis Cup.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Candy Jack has a potent THC level that can reach as high as 26%. Other cannabinoids include CBD of 0.33%, CBG of 0.82%, CBC of 0.10%, and CBN of less than 0.01%.

Candy Jack has a high amount of linalool, followed by caryophyllene and myrcene. It also has small amounts of pinene, limonene, terpinolene, and humulene.

Flavors/Aroma: Candy Jack has a candy-like sweetness with hints of sourness, diesel, and lemons. It tastes a bit skunky-sweet but also citrusy sweet. You’ll also get hints of pine, fruits, and menthol.

Effects: An evenly-balanced hybrid, Candy Jack is known for its uplifting and energizing cerebral effects. It leaves users feeling very happy and euphoric. A few lungfuls and you’ll also feel your focus and creativity improving. The boost in positive energy can not only improve your concentration but also boost your creativity as well.

Candy Jack is a perfect strain when for social gatherings. It can improve your mood and make you feel more sociable. At the same time, it can also help you relax and more communicative toward other people.

Medical Conditions: Perfect for morning use, Candy Jack will give you the pep you need to start your day right. So if you’re feeling blue and fatigued upon waking up, Candy Jack is a good choice. It boosts your mood and energy level, and it also enhances your focus and concentration, making you more creative and productive. Some users find this strain help's with some medical conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorder.

Because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, Candy Jack can not only relieve chronic pain but chronic inflammation as well. This makes Candy Jack a good choice for those arthritis, nerve pain, back pain, muscle pain and soreness, fatigue, headaches, as well as migraine.

Candy Jack can also stimulate appetite as well as reduce nausea and vomiting. Patients suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy (nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss) may benefit from these therapeutic effects. It will help stimulate their appetite and, at the same time, control nausea and vomiting so the patient gets his nutritional needs.

Side Effects: Candy Jack has strong psychoactive effects and can increase paranoia and anxiety. Novice users may find these effects disconcerting at first. But these side effects will fade away in time.

Using Candy Jack can also cause dry mouth and dry eyes. It can also cause dizziness. However, lots of fluids do help in relieving these symptoms.

Where to Buy: Candy Jack can be ordered online via trusted providers like for about $10. Each product comes sealed for freshness and quality.

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Stephen - 08/03/2022

Hi all! I don't often leave reviews unless I really liked something or vice versa. Smells great, piney with citrus and fruity aftertaste smooth hitter, very inspiring and uplifting high. I'll make this a regular in my stock!

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