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Cannabis For Arthritis Pain Management, Effective Or Not?

Cannabis For Arthritis Pain Management, Effective Or Not?

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According to statistics, over six million Canadians suffer from arthritis. This painful joint problem is also said to be the country's most common chronic medical condition. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis. We only have medicines that can control its symptoms.

Nowadays, more people are using medical marijuana for arthritis. They find that the different varieties of marijuana can help control arthritis symptoms.

Marijuana for Arthritis - The Debilitating Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints, causing pain and swelling. Left untreated, it can lead to joint deformity which can further limit the joint's range of motion. Arthritis pain is a dull, aching pain that is throbbing and burning in nature.

History of Cannabis as Treatment for Arthritis

Cannabis for arthritis has long been used since the ancient times. In fact, there is some historical evidence that dates back to almost 3000 years ago that suggests cannabis has been used as a medicine for arthritis by ancient people.

In addition to this, cannabis has also been used by ancient people to control symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as inflammation and swelling. They also used it for kidney stones, menstrual period pain, and even impotence. Cannabis has also been used to control chronic pain, chronic inflammation, muscle spasms, and spasticity. They also used cannabis for bacterial and fungal infections.

Cannabis for Arthritis - Which is Better for Treating Arthritis?

There are three major types of cannabis, all of which are perfect for arthritis pain.


Indica is a type of cannabis known for its relaxing and sedating effects. CBD oil for pain derived from Indica strains not only controls painful arthritic joints but also reduces swelling and inflammation caused by arthritis.

In addition to this, Indica strains also promote sleep. So if your painful arthritic joints are keeping you up at night, then choose an Indica strain. It will help you have a better and longer sleep and chronic pain.

By controlling joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, you can enjoy better joint range of motion and mobility. It will also help improve your quality of life.


Sativa, on the other hand, is a type of cannabis known for its invigorating and energizing effects. Cannabis oil for pain from Sativa strains is perfect for morning use. It has the ability to control painful joints and inflammation and, at the same time, energize and invigorate you. It will not make you sleepy, unlike Indica strains. It will help you function in the morning, pain free, and reduce chronic pain.

If you want to try a Sativa strain, you can get one of the best Sativa strains from your local dispensary. You can even buy medical marijuana online from trusted and reputable online weed shops .


Hybrids are crossbreeds of Indica as well as Sativa strains. Some Hybrids have more Sativa features, while others are Indica dominant. There are also Hybrids that have an equal mix of both Indica and Sativa.

If you want to try a Hybrid strain for your swollen and painful joints but don't want strong psychoactive effects, then choose Hybrids that have a higher CBD content than THC like Harlequin as well as AC/DC.

Medical marijuana and arthritis studies have shown that weed does indeed have positive effects on arthritis. It controls the symptoms of arthritis and allows you to enjoy a better quality of life.


THC is a powerful painkiller and anti-inflammatory compound found in cannabis. But it is also very psychoactive and, in large doses, can induce negative side effects like paranoia and anxiety.

If you do not want these THC effects but still would like to try medical cannabis, then try CBD for arthritis. There are cannabis oils that contain pure CBD only, while others contain a combination of both CBD Products and THC. However, the THC level is usually not enough to cause a significant high or adverse side effects. Both cannabinoids work together to control arthritis pain as well as inflammation.

Cannabis and Arthritis - What is Better for the Different Types of Arthritis Pain?

Before trying cannabis arthritis products, there are some things you need to know.

How long do you need to use cannabis for arthritis?

According to cannabis and arthritis studies, medical cannabis cannot really cure arthritis but it has the ability to control several symptoms that worsen it. Remember that arthritis does not have a cure. What we do have are drugs that can only control the symptoms and delay disease progression.

So if you are going to use cannabis for your arthritis, you may have to take it as a sort of maintenance and dietary supplement that you need to take daily. If you are smoking weed for your arthritis though, you will have to do tolerance breaks for about two weeks to prevent tolerance.

How do you use medicinal cannabis arthritis pain products?

It is relatively easy to use full spectrum cannabis as well as CBD arthritis products. For oils and tinctures, the best way to use them is to place a few drops, about half to a full dropper, under your tongue. Leave it under the tongue for about two minutes.

You can also use topicals for your arthritis. Wash the painful areas and then apply some cannabis balms, ointments, or salves on them.

If you want a longer duration of effects, then you can try edibles and cannabis gel capsules. The cannabinoids stay longer in your system, producing their therapeutic and beneficial effects.

Marijuana and Arthritis -Arthritis Pain Management with Cannabis

Numerous studies on arthritis and CBD have shown that CBD as well as other cannabinoids like THC and CBN have the ability to control painful and swollen joints caused by arthritis. It also helps improve joint mobility and joint range of motion. It also helps control mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, which are associated with chronic medical diseases.

Final Thoughts

An increasing number of patients are switching to or using cannabis derived products with their other prescription medications for their arthritis pain. Not only can it control their symptoms, but improve their quality of life as well.


Can I use Cannabis for arthritis?

While medical cannabis can't cure arthritis or slow disease progression, there are studies that demonstrate it can help relieve arthritis pain as well as address sleep issues and anxiety.

Which Cannabis for Arthritis is Better for Treating this disease?

There are three major types of cannabis, all of which are perfect for arthritis pain: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Also very popular now is CBD Oil and you can also try this variant.

How to use Cannabis for arthritis?

For oils and tinctures, the best way to use them is to place a few drops, about half to a full dropper, under your tongue. Leave it under the tongue for about two minutes. You can also use topicals for your arthritis and apply them on your pain areas.

Where can I buy Cannabis for arthritis in Canada?

You can buy different products like Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains for arthritis or CBD Oil in Best Pot Delivery Store. We have the best Cannabis Products for sale in Canada!

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