Cannabis for Migraine, How To Cure Migraine With Weed

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Cannabis for Migraines

Migraines can be pretty debilitating. A severe attack can keep you confined in bed, suffering from extreme headache. Unfortunately, migraines have no known cure. The only way to find relief is to control the pain and know how to avoid its triggers.

Today though, more and more people are using marijuana for migraines. They also find CBD oil for migraines very beneficial, especially if the oil has a combination of THC and CBD.

Marijuana and Migraines – Treatment of Migraine by Marijuana

Studies on marijuana and migraines showed that cannabinoids have the ability to reduce cluster headaches. They also have the ability to decrease the frequency of migraines attacks.

History of Cannabis for Migraines

Ancient people have always used cannabis for migraines. In fact, ancient Assyrian manuscripts contained texts recommending the use of cannabis for diseases of the head. These diseases of the head also include headaches as well as migraine attacks.

Ancient Greeks and Arabs have also used cannabis for their migraine symptoms. The use of cannabis for severe headaches is also documented in ancient Persian texts as well as the Middle Ages.

Even in modern times, cannabis is a popular medicine for migraines. It only lost its appeal as a medicine when it was prohibited and made illegal in the mid 1930s.

Nowadays though, you can now legally buy cannabis online from online weed shops. How we view cannabis is changing, and society is once again looking favorably at the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

Best Weed for Migraines – Types of Cannabis Products That Can Help You Deal with Migraines

Pot for migraines comes in many forms. The buds can be smoked, while the extracts can be vaporized, ingested, and even applied topically.

CBD oil

CBD oil for migraines is probably the most popular choice among sufferers of migraine attacks. CBD, by itself, is already a potent painkiller that can reduce the severity of the pain. Not only can CBD reduce the severity of migraines, but it can also decrease the frequency of migraine attacks.

CBD oils are perfect for migraine sufferers who wish to benefit from cannabis but, at the same time, avoid the side effects of THC. CBD will not cause a high, nor will it induce paranoia or increase anxiety. It is a powerful analgesic and also functions as an anti-inflammatory compound.


There are many forms of weed for migraine relief. So in addition to the usual oils and tinctures, you will also find them in more potent forms such as concentrates. Cannabis concentrates typically contain a very high level of THC, the primary psychoactive cannabinoid produced by the plant. Some cannabis concentrates contain 70% to 90% THC, a very potent content. Because cannabis concentrates are very potent, you will only need a small amount for your migraine attacks.

To use concentrates, you can either dab it using a dab rig or add a small amount to your joint or vape pen.


Smoking cannabis is a very classic way of treating migraine attacks. A puff or two can already significantly reduce the intensity of your migraine headache. Smoking cannabis also works fast and can help control acute attacks.

You can either choose Indica or Sativa for migraines. Both work beautifully well in controlling the symptoms. However, Indica strains are best used in the evening since they have more sedating and relaxing effects. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are best used for morning and afternoon use. They have the ability to boost your energy and invigorate you. Sativa also sparks creativity and increase productivity.


THC is also a potent cannabinoid known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Smoking or vaping weed, even though it has a high THC level, can help control severe headaches caused by migraines. THC also helps control nausea and vomiting that oftentimes accompany severe migraine attacks. This cannabinoid may also help boost appetite, especially since migraine headaches can cause loss of appetite.

Many people use THC for migraines and find that it can provide immediate relief. Studies have also shown that cannabis, given immediately, can help stop the progression of a migraine attack. Given regularly, it can help decrease severity and frequency.

Which cannabis for migraines product is best for the types of migraines?

The choice will always come down to the user’s preference. If you want fast relief, then choose the inhalation method. If you want longer relief, then ingestion is the best method.

How soon can you feel the onset of effects?

How soon you feel the onset of effects depends on the method of administration. As mentioned earlier, if you want immediate relief from your migraine attack, then choose the inhalation method. A puff or two may sometimes be enough to produce therapeutic effects.

However, if you’re not comfortable with smoking or vaping, then choose oils and edibles. Their onset of effects may be a bit longer than the inhalation method, but the duration of effects also typically lasts longer.

You can also use cannabis balms or salves for your migraine headaches. Just rub a small amount on your temple and massage.

What are the side effects of cannabis for migraines?

Cannabis does help control migraine attacks, but it also has some side effects to be wary of. High THC weed, for example, can induce paranoia as well as anxiety. Other side effects of cannabis use for migraines include cottonmouth, dry eyes, as well as dry mouth.

These side effects though can be avoided if you use high CBD products. CBD, compared to THC, does not cause paranoia and anxiety. CBD will not also cause a high, making this perfect for patients who can’t tolerate THC. CBD is also perfect for those who want to avoid the negative side effects associated with high THC use.

Weed for Migraine Relief – How to Use Cannabis for Migraines

If you are suffering from severe migraine headaches, you can give your doctor a visit. He can help you choose the best weed for migraines, taking into consideration the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the different strains. He can also help you with the dosage as well as choose between Indica or Sativa headache pain relief products.

Final Thoughts

Migraine headache has no cure, but its symptoms can be effectively controlled by cannabis. There are different methods of administration as well as different forms of cannabis. These many choices make it easier for you to choose a good method that will work best for you.

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