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Chocolate Skunk (AAAA)

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Brand: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

Product Code: #Chocolate Skunk

Indica %Sativa %

Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

Family: Sativa-dominant at 20% Indica / 80% Sativa.

Breeder: Tetrahedron Cannabis .Co

Grower: Tetrahedron Cannabis .Co

lineage: Chocolope x Skunk#1

Chocolate Skunk is a modest THC sativa dominant hybrid  that was created and grown by Tetrahedron Cannabis .Co at one of their pesticide-free, medically licensed craft facilities, so we can guarantee it is produced to the highest possible standards.

Chocolate skunk was created by Crossing the best cuts of two of the most iconic strains, chocolope and skunk # 1. This mixture of chocolope and skunk gives you the delicious creation known as chocolate skunk.

Distinguishing Features:  Chocolate skunk's most noticeable feature is the immediate Aroma that punches you in the back of your nose with a Pleasant chocolate coffee skunky aroma. It is a very unique and memorable experience when busting up one of these beautiful nuggets.

The second thing that you will be in amazement of is the mixture of purple blue shades and fuzzy orange hairs spread throughout the flower with a generous coverage of trichomes that have a milky sweet sugar look to them.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Chocolate Skunk boasts a THC level that ranges from 18% to 22%, although some tests showed it can reach as high as 24%. Other cannabinoids found in Chocolate Skunk include CBGA of 0.6% and CBC of 0.3%. Some tests revealed a CBD of 2.5% and CBN of less than 1.4%.

Flavors/Aroma: Chocolate skunk cannabis strain will wash over you with a sweet coffee skunk Aroma with hints of fruit and Spice although when smoking it is not as pungent you still receive a nice level of earthy harsh aftertaste during exhale which leaves you very satisfied.

Effects: This chocolate skunk is a sativa dominant so you get the benefits of the sativa which are very uplifting and positive. After smoking you will find yourself in-golf in a warm comfortable sensation and your mind will start clearing and you'll be ready to focus on whatever task you have at hand.

It leaves you feeling energetic and without any of the symptoms of paranoia and anxiety that comes with some high THC strains also you will find at the end of the day you do not have any major burnout or couch lock, which is always nice.

Medical conditions: That can be relieved by Chocolate Skunk include depression, anxiety disorder, as well as ADD/ADHD and bipolar disorder. This can help calm the mind and stabilize the mood enough that patients with these mental health issues can cope with their day.

Chocolate Skunk also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. So this is perfect for those with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, severe headaches, and extreme fatigue. It can relieve pain and allow the individual to move around pain-free.

Those who suffer experience nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss will also benefit from Chocolate Skunk. It can control nausea and vomiting and, at the same time, increase appetite.

Side Effects: Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most common side effects associated with Chocolate Skunk. These side effects can be reduced though by drinking water. Dizziness is also another common side effect. But this can be addressed by drinking sugary liquids with high levels of vitamin C.

Where to Buy: Chocolate Skunk can be purchased for at They’re packaged for freshness so you’re guaranteed of their quality.

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Killian Pichon - 17/01/2022

Gives a rush of food. Sweet.

Mia Taylor - 29/04/2021

I was looking for something interesting and since I love chocolate this has become my very best variant of all. I couldn’t even imagine that it would taste and smell like a bar of chocolate. I recommend taking it in the morning or in the afternoon when you need a lot of energy and it really helps.

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