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Weed is known to be of different qualities and grades depending on its storage and production. Choosing weed can be a tedious task, especially for beginners. Long-term users of weed have already gotten used to qualities they should look for when choosing cannabis to ensure they don’t end up with a product that they will regret. Therefore, this article will focus on several tips that can be useful to an individual during the process of buying weed. The tips are helpful for both beginners and regular users.

Tip 1. Look for crystals

Research shows that the amount of THC contained in weed is more concentrated in the crystals as compared to the other parts. Therefore, for an individual who is seeking to purchase weed that is of high quality, it is important to focus on the number of crystals present. The higher the number of crystals, the higher the THC and, therefore, the weed will make the user high quickly. However, for an individual who does not need something very strong, it is good to go for the weed that has fewer crystals because it will contain less amount of THC as compared to that with many crystals.

Tip 2. Check the color of weed

It is easy to identify good cannabis by simply checking out its color. It is easy to tell the color of weed that has developed mold because it will have a grayish feathery look on it. Such weed is harmful for consumption. In the case of quality weed, an individual should be looking to identify colors such as green, orange and purple. This means that the weed has not been contaminated by bacteria and other pests which could make it harmful and of bad quality. In addition, this characteristic does not require a lot of information for an individual to be able to rely on it when identifying good weed. Hence, a beginner who is aware of the color of weed can rely on it in order to get the best quality.

Tip 3. Count Orange hair

Besides, good weed is determined by the amount of orange hair that it has. Therefore, the more the amount of orange hair, the better the weed it is. This is a feature that can be noticed through observation and hence, it is suitable for use by both regular users and beginners. On the other hand, a weed that does not have a lot of orange hair is of low quality and contains less THC in it. Therefore, the preference of the user will play a substantial role when deciding on the quality that one wishes to purchase.

Tip 4. Not too wet and not too dry

The storage of weed is an important aspect that determines whether it will spoil or not. Therefore, this characteristic is important to individuals who are seeking to purchase large amounts of weed for future use or sale. They should ensure that the weed is not too wet. The wetness acts as a conducive environment for the breeding of bacteria and the growth of mold. As a result, this will comprise most of the weed’s characteristics such as its smell and taste. Also, a weed that contains mold is harmful for consumption and should not be purchased. On the other hand, the weed should not be too dry because it will be difficult to roll it. It needs to have a limited amount of moisture so that it can compact easily when being rolled. This will also reduce the chance of wastage of the finest particles.

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Tip 5. Proper Smell

In addition, good weed should have a good aroma. This can be tested by practically smoking the weed or lighting part of it. Therefore, an individual will be able to compare the smells with that of quality weed that they have used before. In the case the weed smells moldy, it means that it is not conducive for human consumption and can lead to harmful effects in the human body. In the case of beginners, it is difficult to tell how quality weed should smell like therefore this trait requires help of a friend who has substantial experience in using weed.

Tip 6. Fresh taste

As well, the taste of the weed is another key determinant of its quality. In the case of good weed, it should taste fresh and free of pesticides which have the taste of medicine. Again, this characteristic of weed is best known by people who have used it more than two times, and in the case of a beginner, help is needed to master how good weed tastes. Besides, bad quality weed can have the taste of spoiled food, especially if it was stored when it’s wet. It tends to grow mold which gives it a bad taste.

Tip 7. Check for spider mites

Consuming strange substances contained in weed can be very harmful to an individual’s health. Therefore, it is important to check out the weed well before deciding to consume it. Just like any other plant, weed can have spider mites, which turn out to be harmful when consumed. This characteristic can be checked by both beginners and regular users because it’s a matter of observation. If the weed contains spider mites or traces of other insects, it should not be consumed. Quality weed should be free of impurities.

Tip 8. Overall experience from smoking

The experience of  smoking weed is a key factor that helps in the identification of quality weed from that which is of poor quality. Individuals who have smoked weed for a long period are aware of the different qualities in the market and the level to which they make someone feel high. Hence, if looking to purchase quality weed, a regular smoker can be of much help because they do not have to look for all the above characteristics to determine the best quality of weed. Smoking marijuana produces smoke through which the smoker can tell its smell and taste. From a distance, someone can tell whether the weed being smoked by other people is good or bad. However, this is not a cause for one to worry, after several experiences of smoking, a beginner will also be able to tell the quality of cannabis without much struggle.

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In Conclusion

Having known the above tips, a weed user should not fall into the hands of conmen who sell bad cannabis to other people assuming that they do not know the difference between good and bad weed. The user, whether a regular one or a beginner, should be in a position to tell the quality of the weed using the above characteristics. Hence, they will be able to have quality weed regardless of whether it’s for personal or commercial use. A reliable seller is known for the sale of top cannabis that is of good quality. Hence, in the case of an individual who is not willing to go through the hustle of checking the quality of the weed, they can rely on their seller that has a history of providing something good. This will reduce the chances of being deceived because people are out to make money.

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