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Godzilla (98$OZ)

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Indica 65%
Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

Godzilla Kush

Strain Name: Godzilla Kush

Godzilla Kush is one of the favorite strains of many patients for its ability to relieve chronic pain, ease anxiety disorders, and induce sleep.

Godzilla strain can induce a couch lock. So if you are new to this strain, you may want to take it slowly.

Brief History of Godzilla Kush

Godzilla Kush`s lineage can be traced directly back to a very potent, award-winning strain called God Bud. It is bred and perfected by one of the world`s top breeders, Caña de España farms.

Godzilla Kush cannabis strain was created to withstand hot climates, so it thrives very well in warmer regions.

Distinguishing Features of Godzilla Kush

The buds of Godzilla Kush are bright lime green in color and covered by a rich layer of white trichomes. They are dense and look fluffy in appearance with vibrant orange and purplish hairs

The leaves are olive green in color. They are broad in appearance and gently curl inwards.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Godzilla Kush

Laboratory reports show that Godzilla Kush has a THC level that typically falls between 15% and 22%, a moderate level compared to other strains. Godzilla Kush also contains about 0.3% CBGA and 0.1% CBC.

CBD levels are low.

Flavors and Aromas of Godzilla Kush

Godzilla Kush has an interesting flavor. It is fruity with hints of berries, and it is minty as well with hints of pine. You will also notice strong hints of diesel.

As for its aroma, it smells sweet with blueberry and fruity flavors. It also smells earthy and pungent with diesel aroma.

Effects of Godzilla Kush

Godzilla Kush is perfect for evening use since its effects last longer. In fact, some say it can last up to four hours, maybe even more.

One deep hit of Godzilla Kush and you will immediately feel your mood lighten and your mind energized. As its physical effects creep in, you`ll feel more relaxed.

Medical Conditions

Godzilla Kush`s sedative effects may be able to help patients dealing with insomnia. It can also help relieve chronic pain and low-grade inflammation caused by arthritis, headaches, and migraines.

This strain may also help relieve depression, chronic stress, and chronic anxiety problems. People with gastrointestinal problems such as Crohn's Disease may also benefit from this strain.

Where to Buy Godzilla Kush

If you want to order Godzilla Kush, choose a good and reliable provider like They offer only fresh, premium-grade buds as well as laboratory tested medical cannabis products at affordable prices.

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Ethan Clark - 29/04/2021

This strain is not suitable for those who need to tune in to work or study. But Godzilla Kush will help all those who find it difficult to fall asleep or calm down before bed. For me this is the best remedy I have ever used, I will never go back to sleeping pills. In addition, I was very pleased with the quality of service and the friendliness of the sellers

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