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Grapefruit Web CBD

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Brand: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

Product Code: @#Grapefruit Web CBD

Indica %Sativa %

Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

Grapefruit Web CBD (AAAA)

Family: Hybrid - Sativa 50% Indica 50% 

Breeder: Relic Seeds

Grower: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co 

lineage: Charlotte’s Web x Grapefruit Web F2

Cannabinoids: THC: 4-6% - CBD 10-13% 

History: Grapefruit Web was created by Relic Seeds from crossing a Charlotte’s Web mom, which is a legendary high CBD cultivar with proven medicinal properties that have helped many people across the globe and a Grapefruit F2 male was selected from seeds gifted by SowLow Farms, whom made F2s from the original F1s. This particular male has high terpenes, which makes very tasty hybrids.


Flavors and Aromas: Grapefruit Web has one of the most refreshing flavors and aroma. It smells earthy and woody with strong scents of pine and citrusy lemon and oranges. It tastes lemony, too, with robust hints of orange, pine, and herbs.


Medical Conditions: Grapefruit Web is the perfect strain to help relieve chronic depression and anxiety problems because it is low THC and high CBD it does not cause any anxiety. It also helps relieve day to day stress. Its energizing effect can help boost energy, which benefits people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.This strain can also perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain, severe migraines, appetite loss, and mood swings.

Side Effects: Grapefruit Web CBD, can cause side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes. It can also trigger paranoia and induce headache and dizziness.

Where to Buy: You can order Grapefruit Web CBD on the internet or from your local dispensary. If you're going to buy online, be sure to choose trusted online weed providers like They are known for their fresh, premium-grade buds and Pesticide free cannabis products.You can contact them via their 24/7 live support

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joel Bitterman - 03/02/2022

This is a good strain for sensitive individuals that can not tolerate high Thc. This is definitely one of the better Cbd/Thc strains I have tried. Not as colourful as the last batch hence the current price , but just as tasty and effective. Worth a try…

Andrew Fraresso - 12/11/2021

Best cbd I've found in canada

Nate - 04/06/2021

I wanted something I can use for anxiety but wouldn't get me too high so I can still work. This is a perfect relaxing daytime strain, probably good at night too. It's much lower thc than I'm used to but the quality is out-of this world. It looks amazing, multi colored flowers, plenty of purple. It smells just as it should, I can smell the Charlotte's Web. It's so sticky and tastes great too. Very smooth smoke with a hint of fruit. The high is very mild so don't order this if you're looking to get a killer high. I would recommend this strain to anyone who can't handle high thc strains and is looking for a high cbd strain. Great job on this one

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