How to Enjoy Cannabis without Smoking

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How to Enjoy Cannabis without Smoking

With the initially continuing debate over whether or not to legalize the usage of marijuana, some regions and states slowly started embracing it. In states like Colorado for example, cannabis is legalized. This is just one amongst many other states that have also legalized the usage of marijuana, be it for medicinal or recreational purposes. The legalization has given people room to freely use marijuana. In the past, people had to smoke weed mainly for recreational purposes.

With the legalization of marijuana usage, non-smokers felt like they had been locked out of the ‘new fun’ in town. The case is even more disadvantageous for those with respiratory problems or complications. This is because marijuana is mainly consumed through smoking. Smoking has its challenges, such as; burning throat and incapability to know how long to smoke to get the right dosage among others. The problems associated with smoking weed has discouraged most people from using it but with the advancement in the use of marijuana, many options have been invented to enable non-smokers to use weed and enjoy its benefit. Some of the options include:

  1. vaporizing,
  2. edibles,
  3. oils,
  4. tinctures,
  5. topicals,
  6. and dabbing.


The beneficial compounds of cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol acid (CBDA), they are responsible for recreational and medicinal benefits of weed, respectively. These compounds readily vaporize at much lower temperatures; this means that marijuana users can vaporize it without having problems associated with temperatures. The advantage of vaporizing is that it helps release a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the marijuana, compared to one that is smoked. The larger table-top and hand-held vaporizers are the common weed vaporizers commonly in use. From vaporizing weed, the users can enjoy high-quality weed vapor without enduring the mainly perceived unhealthy smoke. Therefore, vaporizing is a healthier option of taking bang. The benefits of vaporizing is that there is a generally sugar and calorie-free product to be consumed. There are different types of vaporizers, and it would therefore make much sense if one first checks them out before choosing one. There are three main types; the flower, tape and oil vapes.


Use of edibles is another way of smokeless consumption of weed. Using this method cannabis is fused into a variety of food from drinks to chocolate. The edibles can be made at homes but the only challenge is the dose, the user can overdose if he/she cannot approximate the appropriate quantity of weed to be infused in foods. The dosage problem can be addressed by purchasing already cannabis-fused foods from retail shops and dispensaries. Another way of handling issues to do with the dosage is by simply playing safe, and starting with smaller does first, before going on to a little higher ones. The high obtained from taking cannabis in edibles usually lasts longer, hence, the dosage really matters. On the other hand also, one needs to be very careful, since it also takes some time, like an hour, before the high sets in after consumption of an edible. One might therefore be tempted to over consume it, thinking that it is not working. The effects of cannabis on users using edibles are not instant because of the digestion process.


Ingestible oils are another amazing non-smoking method of consuming weed. The ingestible oils are taken orally. The oils can be in form of capsules and plastic applicators. These oils care mainly made of concentrates. There are two main types of concentrates in this case; the THC and the CBD. It is therefore upon the user to choose which type of concentrate he or she wants. The oils can be taken directly or added to foods and drinks. Initially, this method entailed manually obtaining the juice from the flowers of the cannabis by the use of a solvent, such as alcohol. Nowadays however, the process is much more mechanized, with machines being used. Ingestible oils have powerful effects and therefore the dosage should be keenly monitored by the users. The process of digestion takes a while and thus its effect can take a while to kick on. This method of cannabis consumption is not suitable for new users.


Use of tinctures is the oldest non-smoking method of consuming cannabis that has been used in the United States. Cannabis tinctures however made a comeback when marijuana was legalized in some states in the U.S and the need for non-smoke effects on users. Tinctures are concentrated weed in liquid form; the concentration can be accessed from dispensaries and retail shops. The dosage varies but under normal circumstances, users use between one to two eye-drops.  The tinctures are portable and can be used anywhere. Users can either take the tinctures directly or add it to beverages. Considering that tincture mainly exists in the form of a liquid, or in a form that can easily dissolve in another liquid, it can help to quickly relieve body pain in case there is any.


Another fascinating non-smoking option is the use of cannabis topicals.  Cannabis topicals are marijuana-fused body products such as lotions and creams. The chemical compound dominant in the cannabis-fused body products is the cannabidiolic acid which has medicinal value. The product is applied directly on the skin and is a remedy for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Topicals can also be used to treat arthritis and eczema. Topicals have to psychoactive effects on users and that is its primary advantage. The importance of topicals is that it can help in localized treatment.


Dabbing is also another non-smoking approach used to consume cannabis. It is considered one of the ‘cleanest’ method of consuming marijuana, well, for non-smokers. Dabbing involves flash evaporation of a cannabis concentrate; the concentrate is dropped on a heated water pipe attachment and the produced vapor inhaled. The vapor is a refined concentrate with advanced effects, and therefore should be used only if the user desires intensely potent effects. The water pipe attachment is made of glass or metallic material. The water in it is heated using a butane torch; it’s the hot water that vaporizes the cannabis concentrate dropped into the system. The method is clean and healthy since there is no smoke or plant material the user consumes.

In conclusion, cannabis has both recreational and medicinal values to users and thus the method of its consumption can vary. There should be a variety of ways to consume it because of the fact that there are bound to be both smokers and non-smokers in need of it. Many advances have been made in the cannabis field and people who dislike smoking can now use it. Non-smoking methods are healthy and thus many people will benefit from the healing effect of cannabis.

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