How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell, Top Practical Tips

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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

As more and more countries continue to legalize weed for medicinal and recreational use, problems such as weed smell are becoming commonplace. Many people still regard marijuana with a lot of negativity despite its growing acceptance. Cannabis has a strong, unpleasant, and potent smell, in both unburnt and burnt form that can sometimes prove too much to even those who use it. The smell of weed usually lingers in people’s clothes, skin, hand, hair, and sometimes the furniture. This smell is easy to detect by those that come close enough. Using marijuana in the privacy if your home, therefore, usually results in the build-up of weed smell within the house which some people find repelling. There are numerous ways a weed smoker can deal with the problem of marijuana smell. Even more innovative ways are being created on a regular. Some of these ways are temporary fixes while others are permanent solutions. Below is a list of ten ways that could be best applied to hide the smell of weed.

Top Ten Ways of How to Get Rid of the Smell of Weed

1. A homemade smoke filter made of toilet paper rolls, dryer sheets, and a paper towel. If you are looking to eliminate or hide the smell of marijuana a simple solution is making your own smoke filter using simple tools available around you. Insert some dryer sheets into a roll of toilet paper. Take note that we are referring to an empty toilet paper roll. Cover the end with a paper towel and hold it in place with a rubber band to complete a handy purifier. Whenever you smoke, you can blow the smoke into the unwrapped end to trap the marijuana smell.

2. The window method is one of the most popular and obvious way of eradicating the smell of marijuana. However, its popularity does not mean it is simple. The window method requires exquisite to pull off effectively. You have to ensure that the wind is not blowing back the marijuana smoke back into the room. Begin by ensuring that the window is opened to a mere crack and not fully open. This way, you can blow the cannabis smoke into a controlled area and diminish the risk of wind blowing back the smoke into the room. A simple tweak to the window method involves the use of a fan. Simply place the fan in front of the window such that it is facing away from you and blowing air out the window. When you blow smoke into the back of the fan, the fan will disperse it out of the window leaving your room free of weed smell.

3. Air sprays and air fresheners. The window method might be one of the most popular and obvious ways of getting rid of weed smell, but air fresheners are definitely the most popular and obvious way. All you need is a can of air freshener or any other kind of air spray that you spray into the room to hide the smell of weed. Air fresheners are available for cheap prices at any local shops. This method can be applied after one finishes smoking and is therefore relatively less complicated than the others. It can also come in handy when you also decide to smoke a joint in the car.

4. If you are looking for a more technological solution, you could try out a device known as an odor neutralizer. Odor neutralizers replace the unwanted odor of marijuana with the more pleasant scents of essential oils. They can last up to six weeks when used 24 hours every day. They also come with a replaceable filter to improve the convenience of use.

5. A cannabis killer candle. If you are a fan of candles you could try out the cannabis killer candle. It is used like any other regular candle. Light it up whenever you decide to take a smoke. The cannabis killer candle is made up of natural odor killing ingredients that cover up the smell of marijuana and removes it completely. Each candle can last up to ninety hours. This is still a very significant length of time considering the fact that an average marijuana smoker spends can spend about thirty minutes smoking a joint per day.

6. Use a vape pen. A new practice known as vaporization or vaping is on the rise in the marijuana-consuming community. Vaping is where the cannabis is heated to a temperature sufficient to release the active ingredients without burning the weed. It is usually done using a vape pen. Vape pens cut out up to 90 % of the smell emitted by smoking a joint since the weed does not burn. It is the best choice to prevent the emission of weed smell in the first place, rather than trying to hide it. They also provide a lot of discretion when if you decide to smoke cannabis around other people or in a public place.

7. Use of scented flavors. Another way you could hide the smell of your marijuana is by infusing it with scented flavors in a hookah pipe. Simply cut some weed into a flavor of your preferred choice in a hookah and smoke peacefully without the worry of drawing unnecessary attention. This method is also suitable for use in social gatherings to preserve anonymity. Hookahs come with a variety of tasty flavors that will improve the taste of the weed as well as hide its smell. Hookahs come relatively cheaply in different shape and sizes.

8. Smoking in a freezer. A large freezer is a surprisingly convenient place someone can smoke a blunt without leaving a lot of evidence. Freezers cover up the smell of the marijuana and eliminates a lot of suspicions in case somebody sees smoke coming out of your mouth. It also has the added advantage of privacy hence you are likely to be undisturbed long enough to hot one or two blunts.

9. Removal of the weed smell from breath. Smoking marijuana leaves traces of the scent in the breath. This smell can be covered up or removed by chewing a mint-flavored gum, brushing your teeth, or using mouthwash. Breath strips can also be useful in covering the smell of marijuana in your breath.

10. Cooking food with ingredients that have strong odors. If you choose to hit a joint or two shortly before mealtime, one of the best ways to remove the scent is by cooking using the right set of ingredients. Some of the ingredients that have strong odors include garlic and onions. It is important that you choose the ingredients with odors you like, otherwise, you will be creating a nuisance for yourself.

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