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Many inexperienced cannabis smokers think that smoking weed is similar to smoking a cigarette. Take one deep puff, hold it in, release, and repeat. But smoking weed isn’t like that. In fact, smoking weed like you would a cigarette is a mistake.

To help you have a pleasant experience, here are some tips on how to smoke cannabis.

Be prepared to not get high

Yep, you read it right.  There are some people who don’t get high when they smoke cannabis for the first time. So as a newbie to cannabis, you should prepare yourself that you might be one of them.

There are a number of good reasons though why this happens, and knowing them can help you avoid these mistakes:

  • – You’re not inhaling the smoke.

If you want to get high, you have to hold the smoke in your lungs when you take a puff and inhale. Don’t just hold the smoke like you’re sucking air and trapping it in your mouth. Instead, inhale it and hold it in. Better yet, try to hold it in as long as you can before releasing your breath.

  • – You got the wrong strain.

Should you happen to smoke a strain that has a higher CBD content than THC, then, of course, you won’t get high. So if you’re after that mental and physical high, choose a strain with a higher THC than CBD content.

Not getting high the first time is common and happens to many people, so don’t stress yourself out. Just relax; you might have more success on your second or third try.

How to inhale while smoking

Let’s reduce your chances of not getting high the first time by learning how to inhale while smoking. Learning the proper way is also important if you don’t want to end up coughing and choking.

Notice when you inhale that your chest and diaphragm rise? That’s called diaphragmatic breathing. As you inhale, the diaphragm (a muscle located between the lungs and the abdomen) contracts. It flattens itself out, creating a sort of vacuum. This effect is going to help pull air into your lungs, and when you exhale, your diaphragm relaxes and pushes the unoxygenated air out.

Now, to inhale while smoking, take a puff, drawing the smoke into your mouth. But instead of inhaling the dense smoke directly into your lungs, you can suck in fresh air while the smoke is still in your mouth. This mixture of THC-rich smoke and oxygen-rich air will give you a smoother hit. It will also help prevent coughing and choking.

If you’re a first time cannabis smoker though, it’s best that you take a shallow inhalation at first, hold it in a few seconds, and release. How deep you take a toke and how long you keep it in your lungs will always depend on you.

How much cannabis dosing should you smoke for the first time?

As a first time cannabis smoker, you want to be able to get high without getting too stoned. Getting too stoned can ruin what could have been a pleasurable experience. On the other hand, not getting high enough can also be pretty disappointing. You want to be somewhere in the middle.

So, what is the perfect amount of pot to smoke for newbies?

Here’s a little cheat sheet on cannabis dosing to remember:

  • – First time smokers who want to get just a little high should choose cannabis strains that have less than 10%. Some of the top strains include Harlequin and White Widow.
  • – If you want to get a bit noticeably high, then go for strains that have less than 15% THC. This includes Gorilla Glue and Trainwreck.
  • – For those who want to get really high, then go for strains that have less than 20%. Some of the top strains include Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry Blue Dream.
  • – But if you want to get super high, then choose strains that contain more than 20% THC such as Death Bubba and Bruce Banner Kush.
  • – On the other hand, if you simply want to relax without getting really high, then choose strains that have high CBD content such as Charlotte’s Web and AC/DC.


How much marijuana dosing should you smoke to relax and sleep?

If you want to smoke weed so you can relax and sleep, then there are Indica for sale online and from your local dispensary.

Indica is a type of marijuana strain known to induce extreme relaxation and sedation. Depending on the Indica strain, the effects can be instantaneous or may take some time before you feel its effects. So as a newbie, it is important that you also choose the right type of Indica strain before you buy marijuana. You want a strain that’s potent enough to fully relax your muscles and lull you to sleep but not too powerful that it will induce a couch lock.

The best Indica strains for beginners that promote relaxation and sleep are Tahoe OG Kush and Northern Lights. These two have an average dose of THC that ranges between 15% and 20%.

Their THC content is pretty high, so if you are a newbie to smoking cannabis, a deep hit or two can already help you relax. Take more than these and you’re sure to fall asleep.

Of note, don’t choose a Sativa strain if you’re after rest and sleep. Sativa strains are known to invigorate and give your energy an extra boost.

Cannabis dosage recommendations for pain relief

One of the benefits of smoking cannabis is that it can ease pain. The cannabinoids act on the receptors responsible for controlling pain. These include not only the cannabinoid receptors but other receptors as well such as the adenosine receptor and the vanilloid receptors.

All types of cannabis have the ability to reduce pain, be it Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. But if you want the best strains for pain relief then go for strains like Blackberry Kush and AC/DC.

Blackberry Kush has a THC level that falls between 12% and 15%. AC/DC, on the other hand, has a high CBD content than THC. Using AC/DC can already give you pain relief without producing a high. This strain is perfect for people who simply want the analgesic benefits of cannabis but don’t want to get high or develop any of the psychoactive effects of THC.

As for the best marijuana dosing for pain relief, a couple of deep hits is oftentimes enough to reduce your pain and discomfort. Cannabis edibles that contain 1 mg to 2.5 mg THC can control mild pain, while 2.5 mg to 15 mg THC can control moderate to severe pain.

Cannabis can help relieve general pain, muscle aches, headaches, arthritis, migraines, and muscle cramps.

Average dose of THC and dosing recommendations for fun and entertainment

Now, if you’re after some fun and entertainment, then you need strains like Tangie and Banana Kush. These strains are just some of the popular party strains. They are known for their ability to loosen you up and make you more sociable. They also make you feel so relaxed and talkative that your conversations become more interesting and meaningful. These strains can also increase your energy, so you feel more invigorated and energized as you mingle with people and immerse yourself in fun activities.

If you’re a beginner to smoking cannabis and would like to try its effects on fun and entertainment, then a deep hit or two may be enough to make you more sociable. More than these, and you might develop some of the negative side effects of cannabis such as increased paranoia. Higher doses can also trigger anxiety. These side effects will definitely take the fun out of you.

If you want to boost fun and enjoyment through cannabis edibles, then choose those that contain 2.5 mg to 15 mg THC cannabis dosage. These dosages can already induce euphoria and make you feel more alive. More than these dosages though, and you might develop some side effects.

Importance of taking a break between smoking sessions

So you’re now having fun smoking weed and enjoying the high it gives you. Should you make it a daily habit? No. Unless you’re using it for medical purposes, it’s not recommended to use cannabis on a daily basis. But even if you’re using it for medical reasons, it’s still important to take a break from using cannabis. Here’s why.

First of all, you’re going to develop tolerance if you continue using cannabis on a regular basis. Your body is going to get used to the amount of cannabis you regularly consume. Over time, it will fail to respond to your usual dose and you will no longer feel the same high. Instead, you’re going to need higher doses just to get high.

Second, you need to take a break between your smoking sessions because you need to give your cannabinoid receptors some time to replenish themselves. The more you bombard your cannabinoid receptors with cannabis, the less responsive they will be to THC. So give them a little rest, say about a week to a couple of weeks, so they become sensitive to THC again.

For those who use cannabis for medical purposes, you should speak with your doctor regarding tolerance and how to avoid it.

How to understand that you have to stop

Before you even put that joint to your mouth, you should already keep in your mind that you will need to take a break from smoking cannabis. This is important to prevent tolerance and reduce your risk of getting addicted to weed. But sometimes, we forget. What used to be occasional smoking can become a daily habit.

As a cannabis smoker, how will you know that you need to stop? How will you understand that it is time to quit the habit?

Below are some of the warning signs to watch out for:

  • – Insatiable and irresistible urge to smoke cannabis, despite the negative consequences.
  • – Getting high at work or going to work while under the influence of cannabis.
  • – Increasing dosage and frequency of smoking cannabis.
  • – Spending more money and time on acquiring cannabis that you’re already neglecting your duties and responsibilities.
  • – Developing problems at work and at home which also cause problems with your work and personal relationships.
  • – Loss of interest in the activities you usually enjoy.
  • – Withdrawal from people.
  • – Mood swings, irritability, quick to anger, etc.
  • – Weight changes.
  • – Memory and cognitive problems.

If you notice that you have these warning signs, then you need to seek professional medical help immediately.

Final Thoughts

Smoking cannabis is different from smoking cigarettes. One deep toke can already produce potent effects. So if you’re a newbie, these tips can help you how to smoke cannabis properly as well as teach you the importance of cannabis tolerance breaks and how to spot the warning signs of cannabis tolerance and addiction.

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