How To Use A Weed Grinder, Top Practical Tips

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How to Use a Grinder

One of the most important tools of cannabis users is the marijuana grinder. Without it, it will be harder for you to break up your cannabis buds evenly. Yes, you can use a knife, but then you won’t be able to catch the kief crystals.

So, in addition to grinding weed, what are the other advantages of a cannabis grinder? Do you really need one?

What is a marijuana grinder?

A marijuana grinder is simply a tool you use to grind the buds into smaller and finer pieces. It comes in different varieties, but the most popular is the four-piece chamber.

  • Weed Grinder Facts

If you think a cannabis grinder isn’t important, think again.

Aside from grinding the buds into even pieces, a grinder will also allow you to enjoy a smoother high. Heat, which releases and activates the cannabinoids, can easily flow through the fine and evenly ground pieces, compared to whole nugs or unevenly ground pieces. A grinder assures you of a smoother hit.

Plus, you also get to catch the kief crystals. Now, this is definitely something that a simple knife can’t do. Kief, you should know, are the buds’ pollens. They can be used to boost your high or increase your edibles’ potency.

  • Grinder Arrangement

The most common type of marijuana grinder is the four-piece chamber. The topmost parts are the grinder lid as well as the grinder teeth. These two chambers are what you use to grind the buds into smaller, finer, and more usable pieces.

The third chamber is the weed chamber. It is also called bud or flower chamber. Simply put, this chamber catches the ground buds.

Now, the last chamber is the kief crystal catcher. It catches all the pollens or kief crystals, and these tiny crystals are rich in THC.

Some grinders come with a scraper, which you can use to scrape up all the buds and crystals.

  • Why Use a Grinder

For most cannabis users, a marijuana grinder is a necessity. It provides them a smooth high, and it assures them that the buds are heating up evenly. Of course, there’s also the benefit of catching all the kief crystals.

For beginners though who want to understand the reasons why to use a weed grinder, the advantages are actually many.

In addition to evenly ground cannabis buds, smoother high, and kief crystals, you also get to preserve the potency of your buds. You can’t do this if you cut them up by hand or a knife.

Using a grinder also helps you conserve some of your buds since you can store them in the grinder.

  • Kief Crystals

As mentioned earlier, kief crystals are simply the resin glands or pollens that cover a cannabis bud. They are very tiny, crystal-like, sticky, and rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. In fact, you could say that kief crystals contribute a lot to the potency of a bud.

There are many ways that you can use kief crystals. You can sprinkle some on your cannabis bowl or add to your joint or blunt. You can even make them into hash or moon rocks.

Some users even add kief crystals to their edibles such as cannabutter and cannabis brownies, making them more potent.

  • Grinders for Beginners

Choosing a grinder can be pretty daunting, especially if you are a beginner to cannabis. But this should not be that difficult if you follow the simple steps of our weed how to use a grinder guide.

You will learn about the different types of grinders as well as their pros and cons. Knowing their differences can help you choose the best type of cannabis grinder. You will also learn how to use this tool properly.

You can find weed grinders in your local dispensary. You can even order them online when you buy cannabis buds since most online weed shops also offer them.

What are the types of a cannabis grinder?

There are different types of grinders, but they all basically work the same.

  • Metal Grinders

Metal marijuana grinders are probably the most popular among the different types. They are loved by many since they are the most effective as well as the most durable. Metal grinders don’t break that easily. Its metal teeth are study enough to grind the buds into finer pieces. They can even tear through thick nugs, assuring you of fine, even pieces each time you use it.

One downside to metal grinders though is that the kief crystals can sometimes get stuck on the moving parts. However, you can always use a toothpick to scrape the accumulation off of the moving parts.

  • Wood Grinders

Wood grinders look chic and cute, but when it comes to durability and effectiveness, they are not as effective as the metal grinders.

Most wood grinders only have two pieces. You have the lid grinder as well as its metal teeth. Unfortunately, the metal teeth are not as sharp as the metal grinder’s, and they look more like tiny nails. They are not as effective in grinding the buds as well, especially the thicker nugs.

Since wood grinders only have two pieces, you will also be losing some of your precious kief crystals. There is no compartment or chamber that can catch them.

  • Acrylic Grinders

Of all the different types of grinders, acrylic grinders are probably the cheapest of them all. They are made from acrylic, so they are lighter than most grinders. But compared to metal grinders though, they are not as effective in breaking up dense buds.

Moreover, acrylic grinders also easily break. The tiny plastic teeth can break away from their base when you grind harder and denser buds.

Most acrylic grinders have two or three parts. You have the lid, of course, and the teeth which are also made of acrylic or plastic. The third part is usually a kief crystal catcher.

  • Electric Grinders

Electric grinders are battery operated grinders, and they are very easy as well as convenient to use. They work much like a small blender, so you will always be assured of evenly ground, fine buds.

Using electric grinders also helps reduce your risk of sustaining a repetitive strain injury. You no longer have to repeatedly twist your wrist to grind the buds.

Unfortunately, some electric grinders are cheaply constructed that easily break after regular use. Also, most seasoned cannabis users do not use electric grinders. It takes away some of the meditative pleasures of preparing the buds in the traditional way.

  • Two, Three, Four, and Five Piece Chambers

Two piece chambers are basically just the lid and the grinding compartment. There is no chamber that collects the ground buds, and there is no kief crystal compartment.

Three piece chambers contain the lid, the grinding compartment, and another compartment for the ground buds.

Four piece chambers are the most common type of grinders. It has a lid, the grinding compartment, a compartment for the ground buds, and another chamber for the kief crystals.

Five piece chambers are the bulkiest of all types. It has a lid, the grinding compartment, the chamber for ground buds, and the chamber for kief crystals. The last chamber collects smaller crystals that also contain high THC content.

How to use a weed grinder

How to use a grinder is quite easy, really. Simply follow our step by step how to use a weed grinder guide, and you’re good to go.

  • The first step is to prepare the grinder. So grab your favorite buds and break them up into small and manageable pieces. Once done, open the grinder’s lid and distribute the buds evenly into the compartment with the grinder teeth. Close the lid.

Of note, when placing the buds inside the grinder teeth compartment, make sure that you distribute them along the sides. Do not place them all in the center since the center contains a magnet that holds all the pieces of the grinder together. Plus, the lid will not close properly since the buds are in the way.

  • The second step is to, of course, grind the buds. But before you do this though, make sure that the lid is locked in place. If the lid is not closing properly, check the content and push the buds away from the center. The lid is probably not locking into place since the buds are in the way.

Now that everything is ready, gently twist the lid. It usually takes about five to ten spins before all buds are evenly ground up. If there are still some left, then simply repeat the process until the buds have fallen through the third compartment.

  • Let’s say the buds are all ground up, the next step on how to use a grinder weed is to remove the lid from the grinder teeth compartment.

Gently and carefully twist and lift the lid off of the second compartment. You do not want some of your buds to fall off the side as you open the compartment.

The majority of the buds should be in the third chamber or flower chamber. They are ground up evenly into smaller and finer pieces.

You can now use the ground buds. Roll them up in a joint or blunt or decarboxylate them for your oils and edibles.

  • If you want the buds to be even more potent, then let us open up the kief crystal chamber.

What you will see inside this compartment is a fine layer of green, powder like substance called the kief. These are the pollens and resin glands found on the buds, and they contain a high level of THC.

You can sprinkle some kief crystals on your bowl and pipe, or you can add a pinch of kief crystal to your joint or blunt.

Kief crystals add a powerful punch to your buds, but if you’re a beginner to smoking cannabis, then use only a small amount.

  • Now that you know how to use a grinder for weed, the next step is cleaning up the grinder. You can do this once monthly. This keeps the grinder clean, of course, and prevents bacteria and grime buildup.

The first step is to disassemble all the parts and clean them up with a soft brush. Just gently brush the gunk away with the soft brush, taking care not to ruin the screens. For stubborn gunk, you can gently scrape them off with a toothpick.

Submerge the pieces in isopropyl alcohol (metal grinders) or hot water (acrylic and wood) for a few minutes until the liquid turns light brown.

Finally, set the pieces on a towel and allow to dry.

Final Thoughts

It’s not that difficult to choose a cannabis grinder, nor is it difficult to use one. Just follow our simple and easy steps, and you can begin enjoying a smoother high.

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