FunnyOne  -  22/06/2018

A classic high that hits hard and has a combination of euphoric/relaxed feeling after you taste it. I felt happy and relaxed, took my mind off things that bothered. It is not energy draining, which will make you feel a comfortable aftertaste.

Sam  -  22/06/2018

Agent orange took me up a bit slowly, but gently. The feeling you get is the opposite of paranoia or any anxiety, cuz this strain washes it away in a comfortable and warm manner. My vision was beaming, pupils dilated with an enormous field of view, and it was almost impossible to spot anything. Nevertheless, my attention was in a full alert, combined with things I could not register in my mind. It was like starring in a movie, felt like a roller coaster. Yes, it was definitely fun and indulging experience. Super good and a lovely feeling. It seemed like happiness and positivity never leave my side. Although, mental focuses were a bit stunted, maybe for 60-70% and it was hard for me to concentrate. Truthfully, without any doubt, everything I had known about this before was true. Feeling of deep arousal, fuzziness and a pleasant comfort. It was like my whole body vibrated along with the strings of my relaxed mind. Zero complaints. I would rate Agent Orange 10.