Chris  -  17/12/2021

I agree with the last review of this being 10/10. Great taste and high. A fan favourite for myself.

Jeunevieve Gagnon  -  01/09/2021

10/10 amazing

Lori Hall  -  15/09/2020

Medium buds but could be trimmed better. Nose improved once in glass jar and smooth smoke,Buds not as dense as I figured but a nice middle ground hybrid.

Blade101  -  13/06/2020

Read a lot of good reviews for this strain and decided to try it and wow it surpassed my expectations. I’m talking top shelf euphoria with total stress relief with a case of the giggles. I meditate often and use cannabis as a way to get into the spiritual realm and this strain takes you there immediately, very potent. I’ve been smoking weed for over 20 years and this one will go down as one of my favourite strains, thank you BestPot!!!

Spenser R  -  16/05/2020

My First purchase with Best Pot was this strain and man definitely surpassed my expectations like the previous commenter has said. Thank You Best Pot.