Alicia Savoury  -  25/07/2019

Best daytime strain I've found so far! Started smoking again after 10 years. Found myself with a toddler, losing patience all the time, frustrated, irritated, I also struggle with anxiety and depression. It's great for me because it chills me out but I am still able to be alert for my boy. Also makes me want to play with him and his toys more!!

wondergirl  -  22/06/2019

I really liked this strain for my evening meds as I found the THC percentage a bit heady for my work day. Otherwise it's a lovely body high.

Simona  -  15/05/2019

Guyz, this one is the best sativa I have tried in years! It keeps me energetic, euphoric, creative. No munchies at all. I sleep well after.
It is good for my bad knees as well. Somehow it is the best for me. The high is unbelievable. Buy more if you consider, stash more just in case!

Jackie  -  01/05/2019

Great strain - I bought it for my friend that has arthritis. We mix it in with chocolope mostly. Great pain relief and good daytime high. 5 stars! Great quality and packaging as well.

Ira yawnick  -  14/04/2019

An excellent strain by itself and it enhances any strain u mix it with.