David Macumber  -  24/03/2022

The buds are very beautiful with a good amount of crystals,nice green color with orange hairs. They are a little sticky but smoke well in a bong,pipe or rolled into a joint. The high is very moderate but can hit hard with a few extra tokes over the line. Great for people with low tolerance and just want a small kick while dealing with pain or anxiety.

Aman Randhawa  -  23/02/2022

Great cbd flower. Low thc means I can get the benefits of the flower but still function as normal

GaĆ©tan Chalifoux  -  27/09/2021

This product it's awesome second time i do buy and aint gonna stop thx for quality and services.

Ccc  -  23/11/2020

i wrote one 45 minutes after 1st puff. Been couple weeks, it's really good for me. Given few away, couple people didnt feel too much. One person said he felt something and liked it. So who knows really but i swear i feel much better.

Cccc  -  05/11/2020

Around 40. Cannot really walk, never will be able to. In pain daily. Just had 1st joint of this stuff. I think i may immediately feel better. I need to see how i feel in a couple days but not to get too excited this may be exactly what i need. This is only a review about 45 minutes from my first puff of this stuff. :)