Shelley Travis  -  28/11/2019

Nice medium strength sativa
Quick delivery!

Chris Barnes  -  07/08/2019

Bought this strain because I was low on cash and it was cheaper. It ended up being one of my favourite strains. Very mellow high, earthy taste. Highly recommend.

Tyler Vallie  -  15/06/2019

Great strain! I use it for day time fishing and chilling.

Stef  -  17/05/2019

For sure its a real discovery and its exactly as described in the product description. Nothing to add but I would like to mention that its a very fresh product and very smooth on your throat.

Prepare to have fun and live a good moment !

MikeĀ   -  08/05/2019

I tend to lean more on the indica side with my medicine, But when I do medicate with sativa's it's for day time and socializing. Laughing Buddha is perfect for socializing with friends, takes away anxiety leaving myself smiling and joking. This strain does potentially cause the giggles usually over the the most random things. Coming down it leaves me feeling relaxed and chill. One of my favorite sativas for sure. Great quality from bestpot thank you.