Fraser  -  06/05/2020

Best chill I've had for a while. Doesn't knock you down & out, rather gets you going without the buzz. ( I know that sounds weird, but try it, you'll see! )
Just when you figure it's over, here it comes again and in a good way! Two puffs, not pulls and I'm good for a couple hours. Only con would be a moment of a hangover headache on back of head for about half hour next day, otherwise an almost perfect medication.
Comparing it to "Critical Mass" I find "ACDC" stronger but CM doesn't leave the headache. I'll mix them and see what happens. Later.

Amy Wozney Wozney  -  09/04/2020

Personal favorite! Great strain

justme  -  19/03/2020

decarb this one and consume half a gram, best to do in morn as you will have all your chores done in an hour.
this one is an excellent daytime strain!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Longo  -  31/12/2019

A very legitimate and effective high CBD strain with very little buzz and an honest 3-4 Hr. benefit period.

Rockie  -  09/11/2019

This week has been a real drag and I needed something to help me sleep. I bought ac/dc (quarter of weed strain) from and was surprised by how fast they shipped out the products. Suffice it to say I’m feeling tons better now.