ABL  -  14/01/2022

I ordered this last winter and I would consider this one of my favorite strains. I'm not as tolerant of THC anymore, as I find it can kick my OCD/Anxiety symptoms into high gear (zing). I've been smoking more CBD strains with higher THC levels and I think I've found a happy medium with this (and others) strain.

Qualified User  -  08/05/2021

When it comes to pain mitigation this easy smoke is right up with Harlequin, AC/DC, Critical Mass etc. while still full functioning; great for blending with Tangerine Dream etc.

Nate  -  21/08/2020

This is a surprisingly good cbd strain. I love the smell, very unique. Smooth smoke, and very calming vibe. Light buzz with lots of relaxation. It lasts a while too. Anxiety gone. If you like strong strains, this probably isn't for you, but it's a top notch cbd strain imo

Simon┬áBronson  -  19/03/2019

What I liked about this one is that is is on Sativa side and it does not stink - it actually smells very nice and a pretty smooth smoke. Cough - yes but smoke is exceptional!

FunaGiva  -  11/03/2019

Feels very Sativish to me with like 30-40% indica. Actually I got 3 different pots) lol and this one is like a step above them all! I dont thin it's 16% THC, it felt like 25+%! wow! wow!