Indica vs Sativa: What Are the Best Cannabis Strains to treat Anxiety?

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There are certain strains of cannabis that enable people to deal with anxiety. Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the non-psychoactive cannabinoids that are present in marijuana, and it is used increasingly for the treatment of anxiety. Numerous researchers and scientists have experimented with both humans and animals to determine the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of anxiety. Studies have shown that CBD tends to have a calming effect on the body and mind and it is therefore used to treat different types of anxiety-related conditions, such as depression, social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder. This paper analyses the best strains that people use in the treatment of anxiety.
Indica versus Sativa

Individuals react differently to sativa and indica. However, when it comes to the treatment of depression and anxiety, it is recommended that the best option is to use substances that have a high CBD content, and this is cannabis indica. Studies have also shown that marijuana helps with the treatment of anxiety since it has historically been known to lighten up people’s moods and make them laugh. Apart from laughter, it is evident that marijuana makes people enjoy life and even fight depression and stress. However, it is important to note that numerous factors have to be considered when cannabis is being used in the treatment of anxiety and depression. This is because worry is among the significant symptoms of Disparate
Anxiety can be a significant problem that makes people feel awful. Thankfully, marijuana can help in tackling this anxiety disorder, since it is essential in combating psychological issues. Moreover, weed can help in combating anxiety since different forms of marijuana have a disparate impact on stress. Therefore, to locate the pot that will have the most beneficial effects on an individual, certain pot can be tried when a person wants to tackle anxiety.


Cannatonic is a strain of cannabis with high CBD and is very reliable. CBD and THC have numerous properties of relieving anxiety. However, CBD is considered as being the most reliable version of the two cannabinoids. Nevertheless, it is important to note that when people consume THC in high doses, it may trigger anxiety symptoms in certain individuals. Therefore, having a strain that has high levels of CBD can be essential it avoiding anxiety altogether. Studies have shown that cannatonic contains less than 6% of THC, while the content of CBD ranges from 6 to 17%. Therefore, this strain enables people to feel relaxed and happy without feeling a buzz. This strain is also a great option of using during the day.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is another strain that contains a high content of CBD that is approximately 10%, while its THC content is about 6 to 17%. Studies have shown that this strain is a powerful stress remover and it manages to calm people’s minds and produce a pleasant and clear-headed effect. This pot is also powerful when it comes to clearing depression and anxiety, making it useful for individuals who are affected by emotional and psychological problems.

One to One

One to One is regarded as a distinct strain since it contains a one to one ratio of THC and CBD, and this makes it highly therapeutic. Irrespective of the proportions of the two cannabinoids, this strain of weed produces a mellow buzz, and it does not have a psychoactive stress effect. It makes a person feel relaxed and calm, and it also provides energy that is required to perform daily duties. Furthermore, this strain is an excellent choice for those individuals who need extra help to complete their daily activities.


On most occasions, individuals who suffer from anxiety tend to avoid strains of cannabis that contain high percentages of sativa. However, studies have shown that cinex is a pleasant exception since it is a form of hybrid marijuana that produces a mellow, happy, and uplifting effect. Besides, it is a mild sativa hybrid that provides an energizing and clear-headed situation, and this implies that this strain is not like other common sativas. Cinex is also an incredible strain since it does not result in paranoia, but it makes users laugh. When an individual has anxiety, but is a fan of sativa, this mellow strain is a good option for its THC content can reach up to 22%.

Northern Lights

Northern lights a strain of pot that contains an enormous amount of indica. An individual who benefits from THC will, therefore, find this strain beneficial in tackling his anxiety since indica is a suitable method of solving anxiety and psychological problems. Sativas can be highly energizing and can make an individual feel highly stimulated. On the other hand, indica can be highly sedative, and this is the reason why Northern Lights can calm a person quickly. Furthermore, an individual who suffers from anxiety during the night can use this strain to drift off into a blissful and deep sleep. The percentage of THC in this strain is approximately 18%.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that every individual reacts differently to various forms of marijuana. Individuals with anxiety may also benefit significantly from psychoactive THC, while others find the high CBD strains to be most beneficial. The strains mentioned above can be crucial agents when used as medical cannabis. Moreover, users who have considerable experience with different strains of pot can find incredible relief when they experiment with different strains of marijuana. Furthermore, people can experiment with different types of weed to select the ones that provide the most significant relief from anxiety. This is because different strains can give different relief from anxiety

This article has critically analyzed the best strains of cannabis that offer the most appropriate relief from anxiety. It has shown that different strains of marijuana provide a wide range of comfort to people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It is also important to note that people tend to react differently to a variety of cannabis and this mostly depends on the level of indica and sativa that is contained in the type of marijuana. Besides, scientists have shown that both CBD and THC contain properties that provide relieving effects, and it mostly depends on the way people react to different types of marijuana. Various strains of pot enable people to feel relaxed and happy and thus reduce the anxiety effects that may affect people.

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