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Kali Mist Strain (AA)

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Kali Mist Cannabis Strain has dense clusters of large olive green buds with vivid orange hairs weaving through it. The buds are also richly covered with crystal-like trichomes. Its leaves are bright green in color, and their shape is typical of a Sativa p

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Product Code: Kali Mist Strain

Dominant Strain: Sativa-dominant at 90% Sativa / 10% Indica.

Brief History: The exact genetic makeup of Kali Mist remains a mystery to this day. Nobody knows what its exact parent strains are. But some experts believe that Kali Mist was bred in the 1990s and was created by breeding a Sativa-dominant hybrid with another Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Whatever its true parent strains are, Kali Mist has earned its rightful place in the cannabis world. In 1995, Kali Mist won first place in the Hydro Cup. In 2000, the strain won first place again in the Seed Company Sativa Cup. Its potent energizing effects have made it a legend and a favorite of cannabis connoisseurs.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: The THC content of Kali Mist is average at about 15%. Other cannabinoid profile includes CBG of about 0.32%, CBN of about 0.01%, CBD of about 0.15%, and CBC of about 0.07%.

Kali Mist has a high linalool level of about 1.76%. Other terpenes found in this strain include caryophyllene, myrcene, pinene, limonene, terpinolene, and humulene.

Flavors/Aroma: Kali Mist has a sweet yet earthy and woody aroma with hints of herbs and spices. It tastes a bit skunky-sweet and spicy, but you will also get delectable flavors of citrus fruits, pine, as well as herbs.

Effects: A potent Sativa-dominant strain, Kali Mist is known for its powerful uplifting effects not only on the mood but energy as well. Upon inhaling its smooth smoke, you will feel its uplifting effects gently washing over you, leaving you happy and euphoric.

After a while, its other effects will kick in. You will feel more relaxed yet energized and invigorated. You will also feel more sociable and talkative. Some users even report that using Kali Mist has left them giggly.

Kali Mist also enhances your focus and concentration. It makes you feel more creative and motivated to conquer the day’s challenges.

Medical Conditions: Perfect for morning use, Kali Mist has an energizing and uplifting effect that will definitely boost your energy and mood levels. The calming and relaxing effect on the mind also clears your head and improves your focus. This effect improves your creativity and productivity. Medical conditions that will benefit from these effects include stress and anxiety disorders, mood problems like depression and bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Kali Mist is also known for its pain-reducing effects. This can benefit patients with these medical conditions: chronic pain caused by inflammation (arthritis), chronic fatigue (fibromyalgia), headaches (migraines), and muscle cramps. This strain may also be able to relieve abdominal cramping caused by dysmenorrhea or painful periods.

Kali Mist may also benefit anorexics and improve their appetite.

Side Effects: As with any marijuana strains, expect to feel some cotton mouth when you take Kali Mist. You might also develop dry eyes. However, these side effects do go away after a while.

Users of Kali Mist also report feeling paranoid and anxious. Some even complain of developing a headache. Again, these will go away.

If you are a novice to this particular strain, it’s best that you limit your use to about one or two hits per day.

Where to Buy: You can buy Kali Mist online, but only purchase them from the best and most trusted sites like For $10.00, your premium-grade Kali Mist will be delivered to you fresh and in good quality.

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Jack Robinson - 29/04/2021

Since I was diagnosed with cancer and I began to undergo treatment, nausea became one of the usual conditions and I did not even think that it could go away at the stage of my recovery. But I was advised Kali Mist strain and I realized that I can feel much better and it really helps with my feeling nauseous. And I even feel mild euphoria after using it.

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