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Pink Tuna Shatter

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Buy Pink Tuna Shatter & get a Free g of cannabis flower on every 100$ you spend (20g orders – 20% off)! 3 Business days Canada-wide Delivery! Top Quality, No Pesticides Guarantee from

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Brand: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

Product Code: # Pink Tuna Shatter

Pink Tuna Shatter

Family: Indca-dominant at 95% Indica / 05% Sativa.

producer: Tetrahedron Cannabis .Co

Ingredients: 50% Bluefin Tuna & 50% Pink Kush - 100% pure cannabis flower.

DESCRIPTION: Pink Tuna Shatter is produced by tetrahedron cannabis .Co it is made with 100%  pure cannabis flower, no unwanted shake or leaves, and like all other Tetrahedron Cannabis .Co products it is guaranteed top-quality, free of pesticide and all other harmful chemicals.

Tetrahedron Labs uses a cutting edge Sub-Zero filtration system that extracts the cannabinoids in their purest form. This is achieved by using a patented triple stage organic aggregate filtration process that can reach teeth chattering temperatures of -80° c.

The cannabis extract is then purged at a precise temperature in a negative pressure environment for 14 days which removes residual solvent and leads to a high level of purity that is visible at first sight with it's clarity sometimes comparable to a fine crystal glass.

Pink Tuna Shatter is extremely stable and can vary from crystal clear to clear with a golden hue. It makes it easy to see the true quality of this product which is ideal for consumption in all forms.

RECOMMENDED USE: Always be cautious when using Pink Tuna Shatter. It is a purified form of cannabinoids, It can cause adverse side effects if not used properly.

Always start slow and work your way up to higher doses. We recommend you wait 45 minutes before re-dosing.

Never use Pink Tuna Shatter while operating a motor vehicle.

Never use Pink Tuna Shatter if you are under-19 years of age (it will make you dumb)

Where to Buy:  Pink Tuna Shatter at the best price from a reliable and trusted seller like You can order Pink Tuna Shatter online and your product will be delivered properly sealed for freshness and quality.

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Christian - 08/03/2022

This shatter helps me calm down, but I also have a persistent feeling of hunger (thank God the second one is very easy to fix ????). One of the top five shatters in my opinion. Recomend for everybody.

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