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Death Bubba (28g) (CLEARANCE)


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Death Bubba

Death Bubba strain is an Indica-dominant strain at 70% Indica and 30% Indica. Originating from British Columbia, Death Bubba is said to be a cross between two powerful strains. You have Bubba Kush as well as Death Star.

Death Bubba is, indeed, aptly named. It possesses potent sedating and relaxing effects.

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Distinguishing Features of Death Bubba

The medium sized buds of Death Bubba are dark forest green in color with hues of purple. Silvery white trichomes cover each bud in a thick, generous layer, while bright reddish orange hairs weave in and around each nug.

The leaves of Death Bubba are dark olive green in color.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Death Bubba

Death Bubba is one of the most potent strains with very high THC levels. Some tests have shown that its high THC levels usually range between 22% and 26%. It can also reach as high as 27%, according to some laboratory tests.

Its CBD level typically falls between 0.65% and 1%.

Flavors and Aromas of Death Bubba

Death Bubba has an interesting blending of aroma and flavor. It reeks of skunky, pungent earth with hints of lemon and pine yet tastes sweet, woody, and spicy with robust tones of pine and lemon.

Its unique aroma and flavor, high THC levels, and potent effects have made it famous among users.

Effects of Death Bubba

A good strain to use in the evening, one puff delivers a potent cerebral high that makes you feel like you’re floating. A powerful rush of relaxation will wash over your whole body, leaving your mind and body calm and pain-free. It will also leave you feeling happy, euphoric, and sleepy.

Medical Conditions

Death Bubba delivers potent therapeutic effects. It can stabilize mood and help with chronic stress and anxiety disorders. It can also ease depression and leave you feeling calmer and happier.

This strain is also a potent analgesic that can relieve chronic pain, fatigue, and inflammation. Its powerful sedating effects can relieve insomnia.

Where to Buy Death Bubba

You can order Death Bubba from your local dispensary, or you can even mail order Death Bubba from an online weed shop like Based in Canada, they are one of the most reliable online dispensaries in the country that offers high-quality, fresh buds and other cannabis products and accessories.

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10 reviews for Death Bubba (28g) (CLEARANCE)
  1. Buyer (verified owner)

    in a few words: fantastic, colorful, impressive, fun, happy and fulfilled. I will go for 28 g next time!

  2. Bob (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality – from taste to what it does = rocks. Bought to help me sleep and its quite like gorilla glue.

  3. Bones (verified owner)

    Excellent pot. Would highly recommend. Effects kick in quickly.

  4. Daniyal Badi (verified owner)

    The quality seemed good but the weed didn’t seem fresh.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Still our favorite strain after 3 years, from several different stores, this one is the best though, really smooth and tasty and hard packed buzz!!! I don’t know how but no other strain compares to Death Bubba! Try it, you wont be disappointed!

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    My favorite strain, these guys have the best Death Bubba, its sooo nice and sticky compared to other places. A gram only gets me 2 small joints but it’s worth it haha 🙂

  7. john  donald (verified owner)

    This shit is the best bro… So fu#%ing high

  8. pu1vdc (verified owner)

    heavy, high quality and fun

  9. wickfreak (verified owner)

    tellement bon et puissant, so good and powerful

  10. Anna Mikicinski (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this weed. I bought a similar strain and it did not taste as good as this weed this is the best tasting weed that I’ve had from the store and I would definitely buy it again. It has that nice kush taste that I’m always looking for and most weed I find very harsh tasting this one is definitely got the taste, I’m looking for.

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