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Gods Green Crack (AAAA)


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God’s Green Crack Kush

Strain Name: God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack or Green Crack God Kush is an evenly-balanced hybrid cannabis strain at 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Green Crack God strain is famous for its very potent mental and physical high that still leaves you focused as you go about your day.

But use too much though and it can knock you out of your senses.

Brief History of Green Crack God Kush

It seems like Green Crack God Kush cannabis strain is indeed one of God’s blessing. It is a cross between two equally potent and equally famous strains. You have the God Bud as well as Green Crack.

With this impressive lineage, you can expect a potent yet overall balanced effect between its mental and physical high.

Distinguishing Features of Green Crack God Kush

The buds of Green Crack God Kush are large and shaped like a spade. They are forest green in color and fluffy in appearance. White trichomes cover the buds in rich layers, while amber, orange, and red hairs weave in around each nugget.

The forest-green leaves of Green Crack God Kush are Indica in appearance.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Green Crack God Kush

Green Crack God Kush has a high THC level of about 22% to 25%. It has a CBGA level of about 0.3% and CBC level of about 0.1%, Some reports show that it also has a CBD level of about 0.10%.

This strain has a high pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene levels.

Flavors and Aromas of Green Crack God Kush

Green Crack God Kush tastes fruity and herbal with a little bit of sourness to it. You will also notice some woodsy and floral flavors as well. It smells sweet and earthy with delicious hints of tropical fruits like grapes and citrus fruits.

This interesting blending of aromas and flavors make it one of the top favorites.

Effects of Green Crack God Kush

Perfect for afternoon use, Green Crack God Kush gives your energy and mood an extra boost to get through the day, leaving you energetic and euphoric yet relaxed. It also relaxes your mind and body without affecting your focus.

This invigorating yet relaxing mood is perfect to fight stress caused by your day-to-day routine and problems

Medical Conditions

Green Crack God Kush may benefit people with depression and stress problems. It can also help ease anxiety disorders.

Using this strain may also help relieve chronic pain and inflammation. It can also control pain caused by migraine attacks, headaches, and joint arthritis. People with chronic fatigue may also find this strain beneficial.

Where to Buy Green Crack God Kush

You can order Green Crack God Kush or God’s Green Crack from They are one of the most trusted and reputable online weed providers in Canada.

The company offers fresh buds that are of premium quality. They also offer laboratory-tested medical cannabis products, which they ship nationally

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3 reviews for Gods Green Crack (AAAA)
  1. Sammy (verified owner)

    Extremely good for the price. Balanced, if you are reading this – try it! I order GCG all the time!

  2. Joshua Stafford (verified owner)

    Good quality

  3. pu1vdc (verified owner)

    God quality

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