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Orange Kush Strain

Strain Name: Orange Kush 

Family: hybrid at 50% Sativa / 50%

Breeder: Green Devil

Grower: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

lineage: OG Kush X Orange Bud

Cannabinoids: THC: 18% – 22% 

Brief History of Orange Kush Strain

Orange Kush was created by Green Devil Genetics by crossing the legendary OG Kush with Orange Bud. This aromatic and flavorful strain delivers one of the most intense mental and physical high. In fact, this is usually one of the go-to strains if you’re after a strong hit. Like its parent strains, Orange Kush delivers a very potent high. Frist comes the soaring mental high followed by a potent and heavy full body relaxation. An equally powerful munchies will also kick in hard. Its potency and popularity have earned Orange Kush a spot in the cannabis competition. In 1994, it bagged second place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in the Bio category.

Distinguishing Features of Orange Kush Marijuana Strain

The buds of Orange Kush are light green in color. They’re somewhat fluffy in appearance with frosty-white trichomes and vivid orange hairs. The lime green leaves are thin and long.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Orange Kush Strain

The THC level of Orange Kush is usually between 13% and 22%, although some tests show it’s between 18% and 24%. CBD level is low at 0.1%. CBG is also low at 0.1%.

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The terpenes found in Orange Kush include linalool, myrcene, terpinolene, humulene, caryophyllene, pinene, and limonene.

Flavors/Aroma of Orange Kush Marijuana Strain

Orange Kush is very aromatic with its sweet, spicy, and pungent aroma with robust hints of citrus and orange. You’ll also get traces of Kush scent. As for its taste, you’ll get a woody and spicy-sweet flavor with delicious and refreshing flavors of citrus and orange.

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Effects of Orange Kush Strain

An evenly-balanced hybrid, Orange Kush is known for its aroma, flavor, and potency. You’ll first feel its potent cerebral euphoria kick in, leaving you in a state of euphoric happiness. All the day’s anxieties and worries will melt away. This is soon followed by a gentle yet potent full-body relaxation.

All your limbs will relax as your muscle tension and aches drain away. In larger doses, Orange Kush’s sedating and relaxing effects can lull you into a deep and restful slumber.

Orange Kush Strain induces the munchies. As it kicks in, you will feel your appetite getting stronger and stronger. It would be wise to have some snacks on hand to satiate your hunger once the munchies hit you. Of note though; Orange Kush is a potent strain. Care should be taken so you won’t overdo it. Novice users are especially advised to start low and go slow.

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Medical Conditions

Orange Kush is a good strain to use in the evening. It’s the perfect strain if you want to clear your mind from worries, stress, and anxieties. It’s also a good strain if you want whole body relaxation that can ease you into a deep sleep. These effects make Orange Kush a perfect choice if you have sleep problems like insomnia.

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This strain can also control symptoms of mental health problems like ADD/ADHD, chronic stress, anxiety disorder, hyperactivity problems, and depression. This can also benefit patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of Orange Kush can benefit patients with chronic pain and chronic inflammation. These therapeutic properties can also benefit medical conditions such as PMS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, headaches, and painful muscle spasms, and cramps. The powerful munchies Orange Kush induces can benefit anorexic patients and people with low appetites.

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Side Effects of Orange Kush Marijuana Strain

Orange Kush is known to produce a dry mouth sensation. It can also induce a headache with some increased anxiety and paranoia. It’s also common to develop dry eyes with Orange Kush use.

Where to Buy Orange Kush Strain

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