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Purple Trainwreck (AAA)

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Product Code: Purple Trainwreck

Strain Name: Purple Trainwreck Cannabis Strain

Dominant Strain: Evenly-balanced hybrid at 50% Sativa / 50% Indica.

Brief History: Purple Trainwreck was created by Humboldt Seed Organization. This evenly-balanced hybrid is a cross between the award-winning Mendocino Purps as well as the popular Trainwreck.

Mendocino Purps originated from Northern California, particularly in Mendocino County. It was listed in the 2007 High Times Top Ten Strains of the Year. Trainwreck also originated from Nothern California and is popular for its speedy cerebral high.

The offspring of these two famous parent strains is Purple Trainwreck. It has all the best qualities and traits of its parent strains – a powerful cerebral high and an equally potent full-body buzz.

Distinguishing Features: Purple Trainwreck got its purple-colored buds from its Mendocino Purps roots. The buds have a thick covering of crystal trichomes interspersed with vibrant orange hairs. Its vibrant purple leaves are Sativa-looking, long and narrow that tapers to a sharp point.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Purple Trainwreck has a moderate THC level of about 14%, although it can go as high as 23%. CBD level can range between 0.40% to 1.31%, while CBN level between 1.13% and 0.22%. It has a low CBG level of about 0.5% and CBC level of about 0.1%.

Purple Trainwreck is known for its high pinene and myrcene levels. Other terpenes include camphene, limonene, ocimene, terpinolene, nerolidol, and caryophyllene.

Flavors/Aroma: Purple Trainwreck is a sweet strain with a pungent and earthy aroma and hints of grape and lemon. It tastes sweet with delectable flavors of berry, grape, and citrus fruit like lemon.

Effects: An evenly-balanced hybrid, Purple Trainwreck is known for its potent invigorating and uplifting cerebral high. The cerebral high not only improves mood but also enhances creativity and focus as well. As its Indica roots kick in, Purple Trainwreck produces a powerful relaxing effect. This effect calms and relaxes both the both and the mind.

Purple Trainwreck’s high myrcene profile also contributes to its relaxing and sedating effect. Its high pinene level also helps improve memory as well as promote alertness and focus.

Medical Conditions: Some cannabis users prefer using Purple Trainwreck in the afternoon since it can boost a diminishing energy level and enhance focus, concentration, and creativity. It can also improve mood and negative emotions. This makes Purple Trainwreck a good strain for people with mental health problems who are experiencing lower mood levels during this time of the day. These Purple Trainwreck therapeutic benefits can improve medical conditions like ADD/ADHD, hyperactivity, anxiety disorder, and mood problems like depression, mood swings, and bipolar disorder. It can also significantly reduce stress, making it a good choice for high-strung and easily stressed out individuals.

Other medical benefits that Purple Trainwreck offers include reduction in chronic pain and inflammation, better control of nausea and vomiting, and improvement of chronic fatigue caused by fibromyalgia.

Purple Trainwreck can also stimulate appetite and can help patients with anorexia and appetite loss. It can also make you sleepy, making it a perfect choice for those with sleep problems like insomnia.

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Lori Hall - 23/07/2020

Really enjoyed this hybrid. Smokes great. Buzz might be bit short lived but loads of mental stimulation and body stone.

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