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Sativa Pre-Rolls

What is a Sativa Marijuana Pre-Roll?

When shopping for cannabis, one often notices that there several distinct groups of the drug. These groups or strains of cannabis possess different characteristics in terms of the shapes of their plants, their origins, and the effect they have on users. Many users have over time developed strict preferences for some of the distinct strains while others bounce between different cannabis strains depending on their needs at that particular time. It is very important to have a good understanding of the differences between the different types of cannabis in order to make the best decisions depending on one’s needs.

Sativa marijuana is known for its invigorating and energizing nature. They are associated with a feeling of well-being, making them suitable for use in social environments. It has also been implied that the use of cannabis sativa can enhance creativity and induce deep conversations between people. The uplifting nature of the Sativa strain makes a more suitable for day-use when people often require more energy and cerebral activity. Their energizing effects also make it useful for treating Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) and associated ailments, mental and mood disorders, anxiety, and depression. It also increases focus and serotonin, a type of neurotransmitter that regulates appetite, mood, anxiety, learning and sleep.

A sativa marijuana pre-roll is a joint or blunt that is rolled in advance for sale. Pre-rolls are ready for consumption at the time of purchase and one only needs a lighter to smoke the joint. Sativa pre-rolls are rolled purely from the products of the cannabis sativa plant. Like all the other types of pre-rolls, they are lowly-priced, readily available for purchase, convenient, and provide users with the opportunity to enjoy well-rolled joints without the wasting time rolling one yourself. Nimble-fingered users and those without the skill to roll a joint for themselves are also able to enjoy their favorite cannabis strain without too much hustle.

How Pre-Rolled Joints Are Made

Sativa marijuana pre-rolls are rolled from shake left behind by flowers and buds of the cannabis Sativa strain. The leftover from the sativa flowers is collected at the bottom of the jars and rolled into papers or cones. This can be achieved by hand or using pre-rolling machines. Ground nugs can be introduced into the leftover shake to increase the quality of the joints. The next step is to settle the shake and remove the air pockets in the shake within the cones and rolling paper by using a shaking machine. The content of the joints is then gently tamped by hand to ensure they are stacked at the right amount of tightness to ensure the joint or blunt does not burn poorly. The last step in the pre-rolling of marijuana is the twisting of the tip of the roll to make a complete joint or blunt ready to be enjoyed by a user.

Sativa marijuana pre-rolls prepared solely by the hand usually do not possess the visual appeal of those prepared by pre-rolling machines. Machines roll nicely shaped and symmetric joints that are pleasing to the eye. They also possess the efficiency and ability to roll hundreds of joints at a time. Once rolled, Sativa marijuana pre-rolls can be sold individually or packaged in boxes of joint packs. Joint packs usually consist of five or more joints that can be shared out among friends or associates. All the joints in a joint pack are checked individually before they are packaged. The boxes are then sealed by heat to keep the cannabis sativa fresh.

Are There Any Secret Ingredients in Pre-Rolls?

The shake from the sativa strain of cannabis is the key ingredient for making Sativa marijuana pre-rolls. The shake is collected from the jars containing flowers and buds from the Sativa strain. Sativa cannabis has narrow leaves and is relatively taller than other strains. It grows in warmer climates such as in equatorial areas. They take a longer time to flower and, therefore, need patience.

During handling by budtenders, portions of these flowers break off and collect at the bottom of the jars. The leftovers are later collected as shake and rolled into joints to make pre-rolls. The use of leftover shake to prepare pre-rolls is partly responsible for the relatively low price of pre-rolls. However, this should not lead to the assumption that all pre-rolls are low-quality. Only pre-rolls prepared with a dry shake from flowers that have sat for too long in dispensaries are usually low-quality. Also, shake containing leaves and stems often lead to low-quality Sativa pre-rolls. However, pre-rolls prepared with shake from fresh cannabis Sativa flowers and buds yield very high-quality joints. It is, therefore, essential to ensure the quality of the shake used in a joint before purchasing pre-rolls.

Where to Find Good Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls have always been associated with low-quality cannabis due to the use of leftover shakes. However, here at our online shop, we guarantee the best quality sativa marijuana pre-rolls at very affordable prices. Pre-rolls are available in joint packs and come with information about the potency and strain of cannabis used to help customers pick suitable joints. We are available for any further questions regarding our products.

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