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Strain Name: Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain

Dominant Strain: Pure, 100% Indica strain.

Brief History: There are a lot of mysteries surrounding Purple Urkle, an Indica strain that originated from Northern California, specifically Humboldt County. Purple Urkle is considered one of the most famous and best Indica strains in the world.

Although Purple Urkle has been around since the 80s, nobody really knows who its real creators are. There are also debates about its genetic makeup. Some experts believe Purple Urkle is one of the phenotypes of Mendocino Purps. Others claim it’s a phenotype of Granddaddy Purple.

Whatever its real lineage is, Purple Urkle’s effects are legendary. It is famous for its deeply relaxing and soothing effects. Some users even claim that Purple Urkle provides a full body
pain relief.

Distinguishing Features: The buds of Purple Urkle are purple in color and interspersed with long, vibrant orange hairs. The nuggets are covered by a rich layer of frosty-white crystals. The leaves are dark purple as well.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Purple Urkle has a relatively high THC level that usually ranges between 18% and 21%. CBD level is low at about 0.15% to 0.30%. CBN level is also low at 0.10% to 0.21%. Other cannabinoids include CBGA of 0.14%, CBG of 0.26%, CBDA of 0.16%, and CBC of 0.06%.

The terpene profile of Purple Urkle includes linalool, limonene, pinene, caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, and terpinolene.

Flavors/Aroma: Purple Urkle has a sweet aroma that is also skunky and earthy. You’ll also get a robust fruity scent of grapes. It tastes sweet and skunky as well with delicious fruity flavors of berry and grape.

Effects: A pure, 100% Indica, Purple Urkle is a favorite of many cannabis enthusiasts for its mellow mental and physical high. It’s also
popular for its long-lasting effects.

You will first feel a tingling warmth spread from your head down to extremities. As the gentle warmth washes over you, you will feel your muscles relaxing. All the tension, pain, and stress will drain away. You will want to do nothing but laze around and maybe find a comfortable couch to lie on. The soothing and sedating effect will also make you feel sleepy.

Pretty soon, you’ll begin feeling its euphoric effects. You will feel all the cobwebs of your mind gently clearing away and disappearing. This feeling will leave you happier, euphoric, uplifted, and very content.

Of note, Purple Urkle is considered a “two-hitter-quitter” Indica strain. It often takes two deep hits before you
start feeling and enjoying its full effects.

Medical Conditions: Purple Urkle is best used in the evening. It can calm your active and stressful thoughts as well as stabilize mood. It can also relax your muscles and prep you for a good night’s sleep. These therapeutic effects may be of benefit to patients with hyperactivity problems such as ADD/ADHD. It can also relieve the symptoms of mood disorders like anxiety disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic stress.

Purple Urkle has potent, full body painkilling effects. This analgesic effect can be beneficial for patients with chronic pain and inflammation. It can relieve symptoms caused by medical
conditions such as arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, fibromyalgia, headaches, and even recurrent migraines.

Purple Urkle can also control nausea, appetite loss, and insomnia.

Side Effects: The primary side effect caused by using Purple Urkle is dry mouth. It’s also common to develop dry eyes and dizziness. Purple Urkle can also trigger increased anxiety and some paranoia.

Where to Buy: If you want assurance that you’re buying fresh and high-quality Purple Urkle, then choose a trusted online weed provider like bestpotdelivery.com. For $10, you’re assured of premium-grade Purple Urkle.

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