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Family: Hybrid at 50% Indica / 50% Sativa.

Breeder: Exotic Genetics

Grower: Tetrahedron Cannabis .Co

lineage: sunset Sherb x Mint Chocolate Chip

Description: Rainbow Chip is a high THC hybrid variety that was created by Exotic Genetics who are known for top notch award-winning genetics and It is grown by Tetrahedron Cannabis .Co at one of their pesticide-free medically licensed craft facilities so we can guarantee it is produced to the highest possible standards.

Distinguishing Features: Rainbow Chip

Flavors/Aroma: Rainbow Chip

Effects: An evenly-balanced hybrid with potent psychoactive effects, Rainbow Chip isn’t for the novice users. If you still want to try this award-winning
strain, do start slow.

The primary effect of Rainbow Chip is relaxing and sedating. One deep lungful and you’ll feel so relaxed and sleepy. But don’t worry though, it won’t induce couch lock or put you to sleep. However, it can induce these effects at very high doses.

Rainbow Chip is also known for its potent euphoric and uplifting effects. It washes away all your stress, leaving you feeling happier and more uplifted. Rainbow Chip also enhances your focus and sparks creativity.

Medical Conditions: Perfect for afternoon use, Rainbow Chip can give your energy and mood an extra boost just when you need it the most. It can stabilize your mood and uplift your spirits. It can also boost focus and creativity.

The relaxing and sedating effects last long, too. So as the day ends, you will feel happier, so relaxed, and calm – the perfect ingredients for a good night’s sleep. These Rainbow Chip effects make it a good choice for people with ADD/ADHD as well as depression.

This can also work wonders for those who are always stressed out or are dealing with anxiety disorders. People with post-traumatic stress disorder can also benefit from Rainbow Chip bud.

Where to Buy: Rainbow Chip can be purchased at bestpotdelivery.com They are a reliable online weed provider that always delivers top-quality, fresh Rainbow Chip Cannabis.

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