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Sour Kush (AA)

  • CAD 4.40

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Sour Kush Cannabis Strain is Indica dominant at 70% Indica / 30% Sativa.

This weed strain bred by Reserva Privada is an indica dominant strain with only 40% sativa, a hybrid between OG Kush and Sour Diesel therefore getting its name from the two strains. The buds are cone shaped with dark green leaves covering them and nugs are covered generously with orange hair and milky trichomes. The flowering period is a range of 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors and is harvested in early October in outdoor planting, the yields hit a maximum yield of 600 grams per a square meter. Its pungent smell is best contained when the weed is stored in airtight containers. The THC levels of sour Kush range between 20% - 22% with low contents of CBD OF 1% which is a bit ineffective in treating conditions that depend on the cannabinoids levels. The dried frosted buds break into a crunchy powder with a crisp and delicious smoke when burnt with a long lasting effect to the smoker.

The flavors of this strain are sweet, citric with a lemon and spicy touch while the aroma is pungent, lime and diesel. A smoker will get a psychedelic feeling in the first few minutes with increased heart rate then develop into an energetic mood followed with a state of alertness, smooth relaxation and the body starts to feel light, buzzy and an elevated mood. Sour Kush is known to increase appetite and treat gastrointestinal problems, reduce pain and muscle tension as well as premenstrual syndrome, alleviate symptoms of bipolar disorder, insomnia, anxiety and nausea.

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MaryL - 09/05/2020

Very good taste and smell, effect strong enough for the day. Considering the price I give 5*

Steff - 09/04/2020

This is a very light smoke, you could have this in the morning, Buds look ok, medium density. Smell is nice , subtle lemony, but taste is more pronounced that of Grilled Lemons. It's fun to smoke, don't expect an astral voyage, the high is maybe 30min. This is as advertised AA, but for the price you get to try a good tasting strain and you can go about your day.
This is my first order from BPD and I'm very pleased with price point, packaging, shipping, product description and courtesy (Thanks for the Free g AAAA+) I will buy from here again.
Kudos and stay safe

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