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Sour Tangie Strain (AA)

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Indica %Sativa %
Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

Dominant Strain: Sativa-dominant at 80% Sativa / 20% Indica.

Brief History: DNA Genetics, thinking to recreate a strain called Tangerine Dream cannabis strain which was popular three decades ago, crossed two equally popular and potent strains - Tangie strain as well as East Coast Sour Diesel strain. Their offspring is what we know now as Sour Tangie.

Sour Tangie is quite unique. It has two phenotypes when the plants mature. One phenotype leans toward its East Coast Sour Diesel parent strain, while the other has more of its Tangie parent strain’s characteristics and effects.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Sour Tangie has a moderately high THC level that ranges between 21% and 22%. Other cannabinoids include CBG of 0.4% and CBC of 0.3%.

Sour Tangie contains a high amount of limonene and decent amounts of myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene, and humulene. Other terpenes include nerolidol, geraniol, isopulegol, terpinolene, camphene, and pinene.

Flavors/Aroma: Sour Tangie has a rich pungent and earthy aroma that is also a bit sour and spicy. It has a robust hint of diesel aroma from its East Coast Sour Diesel parent strain. Sour Tangie has a sweet, tangy, and citrusy flavor with hints of oranges, lemons, and diesel.

Effects: A Sativa-dominant strain, Sour Tangie’s primary effect is invigorating and euphoric. The gradually intensifying head buzz may seem disconcerting at first, especially to novice users, but you will soon notice a sharp boost in your mood, energy, concentration, and focus. This will then give way to a warm wave of gentle body buzz that will relax both your mind and body. However, the relaxing effects it has won’t put you in a couch-lock though. It will relax you just enough to function better.

Sour Tangie is popular for its mood-boosting effects. When its mood-elevating effects kick in, you will feel a lot happier and uplifted. Since it’s also stimulating, you will be more energetic yet relaxed.

Medical Conditions: Some Sour Tangie users prefer to use this strain in the morning. It gives their energy and mood just the right amount of boost to get their day started. Medical conditions that can be relieved by this strain include depression and anxiety disorders. This may also benefit those with ADD/ADHD. It can help stabilize and normalize mood as well as improve their focus and concentration. Sour Tangie can help them enjoy their activities and complete their day to day tasks.

Sour Tangie also has analgesic effects, making it a perfect choice for patients with chronic pain and inflammation. This strain can help medical conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches, as well as migraines. It can also relieve painful muscle spasms.

Anorexic patients may also benefit from Sour Tangie. It can boost their appetite and, at the same time, control nausea and vomiting. These effects may also be good for chemotherapy patients. Chemotherapy drugs cause nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss, and Sour Tangie may be able to relieve these side effects.

Side Effects: Like any other marijuana strain, Sour Tangie also causes dry mouth and dry eyes. However, these will go away after a while. Other side effects users of Sour Tangie report are increased anxiety and some paranoia. Dizziness may also occur. Again, these typically disappear after some time.

Where to Buy: You can look for Sour Tangie in your local dispensary. You can even order them online from For only $10.00, you’re always assured of their freshness and premium quality.

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Noah Adams - 29/04/2021

If you want to try something great in taste and at the same time so that it does not cause inconvenience, then this is exactly what you need. It tastes and smells great. And what is important, you do not experience any negative consequences on your consciousness. I have no clouding and I am the same as usual, but calmer and more balanced. Now it is one of my favorites strain

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