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Tangerine Dream (AAA)

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Pain Relief

What experts and enthusiasts love is a strain capable of making your head clear, your body more energetic while winning over pain. This is what makes the crossbreed product of Neville’s A5 Haze, Afghani, and G13 distinctive. Tangerine Dream Cannabis strain was originally made for working medical patients. An overdose can prevent you from moving up and out of your chair. Its tangerine aroma smells sweet but not overly sugary. Barney’s Farm surely created this hybrid strain successfully having won the 2010 Cannabis Cup.

What are some medical benefits of Tangerine Dream?

With its original purpose of treating medical conditions, Tangerine Dream increases your concentration and confidence. Reducing pains is secondary as it relaxes your muscles. For others, they experienced connecting profoundly with their body. This strain is a great alternative for stimulation if you have always preferred coffee, which contains exogenous stimulants but at the same time depressants causing self-imposed, artificial panic attacks. Stopping the caffeine intake and taking in this strain lets you stay active (time seems to fly!) productively accomplishing your tasks for the day. Such is another purpose of Tangerine Dream – to battle depression and anxiety. It calms your thoughts and stops you from pacing while as a stimulant, it boosts your system. 

While it may help others relieve their headache, it can also somehow fight off fatigue. You’d definitely enjoy post-workout results if you administer a few dose of Tangerine Dream before you work.

What are some positive and negative effects of Tangerine Dream?

Functioning with mental clarity while having this sativa distinguishes your use of Tangerine Dream from other sativa or sativa-dom hybrids. It serves as a great daytime medication allowing you to be more attentive of your surroundings but at the same time allowing you to be slightly calm, relaxed, mellow and not at all heady. No signs of paranoia have been detected. Instead you would feel both grounded and focused high. It can kickstart your day, wakes you up when you cram at night. 

Aside from its euphoric, happy, and uplifting qualities, Tangerine Dream literally tastes of orange – from the fruit to its peels. Its tangerine and citrus taste and aroma makes it the most insane tasting bud you’ll ever have. It makes it a refreshing smooth smoke. It makes you feel as if you have philosophically found something penetrative, rational, cerebral, and triumphant. It would make articulate mathematically precise or make you read contexts theoretically on high level. However, it will prevent you from overthinking and would not make you paranoid. It may seem an exaggeration but the first pull envelopes you in calm satisfaction.

How come? Its indica component thaws every bit of untangled thoughts and emotions, every bit of mental tension. Once the indica effects have settled, the sativa effects of Tangerine Dream follow. It sharpens your mind like a blade and charges your thoughts with perceptivity and clarity. This hybrid daughter of three strains sets up a tranquil backdrop into a crispy, energizing head high without overwhelming your senses. 

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Jacob Borg - 14/10/2019

Fantastic daytime strain, smooth smoke and very uplifting high with no burnout.

Axel Bérubé - 28/08/2019

Nice big buds but where’s the smell of tangerine? That version also leans more on the indica side. I’ve had more fragrant and more energetic TD from SanRafael, even if their offering is not AAAA.

Henry - 11/03/2019

Dream indeed. I got a free gram or some kind of promo with it. Thank you!

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