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THC Oil Tincture

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THC Oils and Tinctures

There’s no doubt that cannabis has evolved into a versatile and beneficial plant, offering a wide range of various products to any interested cannabis consumer. Of the many products currently offered in the cannabis market, THC tincture Canada and oils have become a staple to many consumers because of their all-around benefits.  

But because of the many options regarding THC tinctures or oils that are out there to try, it is imperative to understand exactly what both a THC tincture and THC oil are and how exactly both can work for you. 

THC Tincture and THC oil

Believe it or not, tinctures were the main form of cannabis medicine for years until cannabis prohibition was enforced in 1937 through the Marijuana Tax Act.  But before then, the first official cannabis tincture documented in history came from the United States Pharmacopeia, an almanac full of medicinal drugs and usage instructions, in 1851. 

Doctors and professionals created THC tinctures to ease pain and illness, which still remains the common use of to this day. And while tinctures have been used by consumers for a while, technology and companies today allow users to choose from various products and sources to find the best tincture to fit their needs. 

In technical terms, a tincture is considered an alcoholic extract of plant material, presented in a dropper bottle and usually consisting of a high ethanol percentage (between 25% - 60%) of alcohol as the base. THC tinctures, specifically, consist of alcohol that has been infused with cannabis. This is created by breaking down both acidic and basic elements of the plant material, effectively gaining a large number of cannabinoids in the tincture. 

Trichomes, terpenes, and other rich cannabinoids from the plant are dissolved with the alcohol and then composed into a solution that can be ingested as a form of cannabis consumption. This solution is considered a THC tincture Canada because of the high potency of tetrahydrocannabinol in the tincture. 

Alternatively, THC oils are composed by extracting the same cannabinoids and plant material but mixed with a concentrated oil base. 

Dosing THC Tinctures and THC Oil 

Depending on the company, THC tinctures and oils usually come in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, or sometimes even 2500mg bottles. Considering the size of your product will help you determine the appropriate dosing to start with.

Like other cannabis products, the recommended dosing amount also varies between a person’s size, cannabis tolerance, the potency of the solution, and many other factors. Whether you’re an active cannabis consumer or a beginner to the THC playing field, starting with only two or three drops is a preferred recommended amount when consuming a THC tincture or THC oil. Since your body is absorbing the solution sublingually, it’s important to remember the effect may feel more intense or potent than other forms of consumption and may take anywhere between half an hour to an hour for the full effects to kick in. 

THC tinctures and THC oils have become a favored cannabis product by users because of their easy and precise way of consumption. To ingest, simply squeeze the desired amount of tincture drops underneath your tongue using the dropper syringe. The THC tincture Canada is absorbed from underneath your tongue and into your bloodstream, quickly activating throughout your body. 

The drop-by-drop dosing allows users to precisely portion the desired amount of THC oil or solution they wish to consume while ingesting it discreetly and minimally. And while THC tinctures provide the same, if not more, overall benefits of consuming cannabis, the simple method of ingesting compared to vapes, edibles, and smoking makes it a popular product among the rest. 

Benefits of Cannabis Oils and Tinctures 

THC oils and tinctures have become widely known for convenience and discretion. Unlike many other cannabis products, tinctures and oils do not have a strong and noticeable aroma compared to smoking and vaping. This smoke-free alternative requires no extra smoke tool or accessory like a lighter or grinder, easily administered sublingually for a full-body effect. 

This form of cannabis consumption appeals to a wider range of cannabis consumers because of this simple method. With that, consumers have found multiple reasons and benefits from THC tinctures and THC oils: 

Effects are felt quicker by absorbing through the bloodstream 

You can precisely control the amount of tincture to take

Tinctures are discreet 

Tinctures and oils are safe to ingest 

Both products have a long shelf life 

Because of the infusion of THC in tinctures and oils, users will feel a psychoactive high from the cannabinoids in the solution. Those who consume tinctures and oils find use recreationally or often do so to help ease chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite, or anxiety. 

Although there is a lot of gray area regarding FDA approval and regulation for THC and the potential medical claims for it, THC has been studied to have beneficial effects based on the way our bodies process the cannabinoid. When using cannabis, the cannabinoids ingested directly affect your body’s endocannabinoid system and CB1 and CB2 receptors. Compared to traditional pharmaceuticals that only stimulate or block processes in the body, cannabinoids work to balance and regulate it.   

With the number of versatile uses and purposes behind cannabis tinctures and oils, some avid cannabis consumers turn to make homemade cannabis tinctures. If you’re interested in making a homemade THC tincture, follow these steps below (be advised this is a multi-week process): 

Decarboxylate your cannabis flower or concentrate

Mix the decarbed cannabis in a mason jar with a high proof alcohol base of your choice (Everclear is most recommended) 

Close the jar and let the cannabis soak with the alcohol for a few weeks, shaking the jar once a day to mix up the solution

After a few weeks, open the jar and filter the solution through a cheesecloth or coffee filter. 

Seal the solution in a jar and store it in a cold, dry place when not using

Even though the process of making homemade THC tinctures can be effective and fun, higher quality oils and tinctures are offered by a variety of companies and cannabis growers. Because of the advanced technology used in the extraction process, many brands and companies can produce high-quality tinctures and oils that maximize the cannabis distillation that occurs. 

Luckily, between the in-person dispensary shops and online websites available, there are thousands of THC oil and THC tincture Canada products out in the legal cannabis market. 

Where to Find THC Tinctures and Oils

Ever since Canada passed legalization for adult-use cannabis in 2018, supply and demand for THC tinctures and oils have dominated the country’s legal cannabis market. 

Luxury cannabis brands have launched THC tinctures created to fit the assorted desirable needs of cannabis consumers, whether it is targeting chronic pain, enhancing health and wellness, or for adult recreational use. Some tinctures and oils are even mixed with other therapeutic oils, creating an elixir to provide specific aid to users. No matter the type, THC tinctures sold in Canada come in different doses and ratios, providing multiple options regarding potency, portions, and blends. 

Because of Canada’s endless options and products of THC tinctures and THC oils that are in the cannabis market, it’s always helpful to research what exactly you are looking for in these products and your reason for consumption before use. This information will help you accurately find the right tincture or oil for your medical and/or recreational needs. And while researching about tinctures and oils can certainly be overwhelming, resources like online weed dispensaries make it simple to weigh all of your options and materials before making your choice. 

Online cannabis dispensaries in Canada, such as, provide thousands of different products that range from a variety of ratios, cannabinoids, and potency. Compared to homemade tinctures, buying THC oil online in Canada means you are receiving top-quality, high-potency products from a reliable source. Buying from a legal cannabis dispensary source online means you have direct access to hundreds of tinctures with THC that are all produced from professional cannabis growers and farms. 

Depending on the specific brand of THC tincture in Canada you choose, tinctures are priced anywhere usually from $20 - $100. A small bottle of THC oil sold in Canada usually contains about 100 drops of solution per bottle. Of course, the tinctures and oils with higher potency and effectiveness may be more costly, but strong potency requires smaller dosages and less frequent uses for the given effect. 

Final Thoughts 

THC oils and THC tinctures in Canada have rapidly become a common product for relief and relaxation. Considering the various forms and brands of tinctures and oils created with THC, the benefits and uses of this product are endless. Cannabis consumers can easily ingest THC tinctures discretely and minimally compared to other products on the market while administering effects to the body almost within minutes. 

Buying THC tinctures and oils in Canada through online cannabis dispensaries allows users to browse the options of products available based on their desired use.



How long does THC Oil stay in your system?

THC Oil typically stays in your system for 2 to 5 days, but that range doesn't apply to everyone. For some, THC Oil can stay in their system for weeks. Also, THC in a urine test can stay from 3 to 30 days, depending on how often you use the drug.

How to make THC Oil?

You can find a lot of different recipes on the internet right now. THC Oil is a very popular product, but we recommend you to use high-quality THC Oil and not to worry about the process of making these oils. Buy THC Oil in BestPotDelivery Store!

How to use THC Oil?

You can use THC Oil orally or you can use it in Vaping. THC oil involves heating the oil and inhaling it through a vaporizing device like a vape pen or an e-cigarette. 

How much THC Oil to get high?

We recommend you to use THC Oil only as in the instructions. THC can get “high”, even if you follow all the instructions. The effect can be different for every person.