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Cannabis Vape Pens

The Advantages of Vape Pens in Comparison with Joints

Vaping has been making headlines recently in a number of ways, from people talking about the ways in which it can be done, and how to get more into the culture, to people who talk about the health risks, and the annoyance in daily life that vaping can sometimes create (even more than smoking, due to the larger clouds of vapour which are emitted). While the most common way of taking is to have it in a joint, more and more people are turning to alternative methods, one of which is vaping.

There are many advantages to using vaping rather than smoking a joint, which could lead to someone preferring the latter. The major one is that by vaping, people are vastly reducing the amount of weed ash that will enter their lungs. Vaping uses oils, so that when people inhale, they are not therefore injuring their lungs as they would be using cigarettes and joints.

Secondly, using a cannabis oil vape pen means that any stock of cannabis which a person might have will last for very much longer than if they were regularly smoking joints. Cannabis oil is extremely concentrated, whereas the loose leaf used for joints is not. Therefore, one purchase of oil can last someone a much longer time than an equivalent purchase of the loose herb for use in joints.

Are Weed Vape Pens Safe?

This question is centred on the question of whether or not vape pens are safe. It is difficult to say for sure, as everybody has heard stories about vape pens exploding and melting, and therefore causing injuries. And of course, vaping has been around for such a short space of time that there are relatively few studies and tests around which have been looking specifically at the long-term health costs of the practice, particularly in opposition of smoking joints.

Weed vaping in itself should be safe, provided the user keeps a careful eye on their use of the cannabis oil. As was mentioned above, the oil is extremely concentrated in its normal forms – only a small amount should be sufficient for most uses. Vaping can be quite dangerous if it is done incorrectly, and too much cannabis oil can have a very detrimental effect on people.

List of Choice Criteria for Vape Pens

Finding a good vape pen is not something which can be done easily – people who are looking for one need to take their own individual needs and concerns into account, so that they don’t end up with something they can’t use, and a bunch of money wasted. Vaping with cannabis is normally done for the health benefits which come with it, and not simply for recreation. Because of this, it is very important to get it right.

  • Can the cannabis vape pen take the type of cannabis you need to use? If not, can it
  • What is the capacity of the vape pen itself? Do you need one which is bigger or smaller?
  • Will this vape pen fit into my life? Is it portable? Is it easily cleaned? Will I need to do anything to the vape pen to make it more serviceable, either because it is too small or too big?

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