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White Rhino (AA)

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Indica 100%
Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

White Rhino Cannabis Strain is a 100% pure Indica

White Rhino Cannabis is a potent Indica Strain which is recognized with its short to bushy, light green to dark green leaves. The buds of this kush give off a strong and heady high. The parentage of this plant hails from Afghanistan, Brazil, and India. Medically, White Rhino Weed is most preferred since it is rich in THC content. This strain is the child of hybrid superstar White Widow, and a North America indica. The weed was bred by Green House Seeds and created a truly top-notch plant.

The strain is a grower’s dream, yielding way above average of amazing quality bud. With good reason, the strain is one of the more expensive buds in the market. It gives off a seriously clean high that is bound to relax the body from head to toe. This kush make the user's space out and wash away all worries while loosening up the body.  

This new strain is a great tranquilizer and relaxant, leaving the user in a happy daze. The positive effects of this strain include relaxing the mind, a certain euphoric state achieved with this beautiful bud, analgesia, peacefulness, sleepiness and cerebral high. 

With funky, dank, oaky, earthy, and sweet flavors, the strain may relieve people from stress, insomnia, mood disorders, and migraines and treat pain. The users of white rhino recognize the breed with a sweet aroma that reminds them of fresh woodsy areas that grow fresh and sweet produce. The strain has pungent and earthy aroma unlike other fragrant buds around. However, it has few adverse effects like dizziness, dry mouth, dry eye, and anxiety.  

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