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Indica Diamonds

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Buy Indica Diamonds& get a Free g of cannabis flower on every 100$ you spend (20g orders – 20% off)! 3 Business days Canada-wide Delivery! Top Quality, No Pesticides Guarantee from BestPotDelivery.com

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Availability: In Stock

Brand: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

Product Code: # Indica Diamonds

Indica Diamonds

Family: Indca-dominant at 95% Indica / 05% Sativa.

producer: Elphinstone Craft Cannabis co

Ingredients: 100% indica - 100% pure cannabis flower.


RECOMMENDED USE: Always be cautious when using Indica Diamonds. It is a purified form of cannabinoids, It can cause adverse side effects if not used properly.

Always start slow and work your way up to higher doses. We recommend you wait 45 minutes before re-dosing.

Never use Pink Tuna Shatter while operating a motor vehicle.

Never use Pink Tuna Shatter if you are under-19 years of age (it will make you dumb)

Where to Buy: Indica Diamonds at the best price from a reliable and trusted seller like bestpotdelivery.com. You can order Indica Diamonds online and your product will be delivered properly sealed for freshness and quality.

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