Top 10 Weed Strains for Parties

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Top 10 Weed Strains for Parties

Weed loosens up people. It makes conversations even more interesting and people more open to socializing with others.

But not all weed strains are considered party cannabis though. Use the wrong one and you’ll end up fast asleep, instead of partying.

If you want to enhance your party experience with weed, then here are the top 10 weed strains for parties.

1. Chocolope

Strain type: Chocolope

Parent strains: Chocolate Thai X Cannalope Haze

Backstory: Chocolope is a creation of DNA Genetics. It is a Sativa-dominant strain at 95% Sativa and 5% Indica. With a THC level of 18%, it’s popular for its euphoric high and delicious flavors and aromas of chocolate and coffee.

Why we love it: This strain is best for the introverts, especially those who have some difficulties striking up a conversation. This is one of the best party cannabis strains that can definitely loosen you up and make you feel more sociable and comfortable around people.

Effects: If you’re after a boost in energy that clears the mind and uplifts mood, then Chocolope is exactly what you need. It gives you that perfect euphoric effect that sparks a dreamy mental high. Just a few puffs, and you’ll feel more euphoric and talkative.

Best for: All occasions.

Our Rating (5/5): 3/5

2. Tangie

Strain type: Tangie

Parent strains: Skunk X California Orange

Backstory: Created by DNA Genetics, this evenly-balanced hybrid at 50% Sativa and 50% Indica is said to be a recreation of one of the top strains in the 1990s called Tangerine Dream. Possessing a THC level of about 19% to 22%, this strain is a potent stress buster.

Why we love it: In addition to its refreshing flavor and aroma of tangerine and citrusy fruits, Tangie is definitely the cannabis for party. A couple of deep puffs and you can expect a boost in your spirits and energy. This also makes you feel happier and more relaxed to mix around with other people at the party.

Effects: Tangie is known for its intense uplifting and relaxing effects. It can help you loosen up around people. You will feel your mood stabilizing as your stress and fatigue drain away. This gives you that boost in energy needed to mingle with other guests.

Best for: Cocktail parties.

Our Rating (5/5): 5/5

3. Banana Kush

Strain type: Banana Kush

Parent strains: Ghost OG X Skunk Haze

Backstory: Originating from the West Coast, Banana Kush is an Indica-dominant strain at 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Its refreshing taste and potent high have made Banana Kush one of the top five strains in California as well as Colorado. It’s also famous for its potent THC level that ranges between 18% and 25%.

Why we love it: In addition to refreshing sweet banana flavor, Banana Kush gives you that relaxed body high and potent euphoria. These effects make Banana Kush the weed for party goers. One puff and you’ll feel your stress leaving your body, boosting your experience and making you more sociable.

Effects: The mellow body buzz, coupled with its euphoric and stress-busting effects, are enough to strip away some of your inhibitions and make you feel ready to party. It also sparks creativity, making you more talkative and sociable around friends.

Best for:  Potlucks.

Our Rating (5/5): 5/5

4. Bubblegum Kush

Strain type: Bubblegum Kush

Parent strains: Bubble Gum X OG Kush

Backstory: One of the best cannabis strains for party is Bubblegum Kush. It was created by Bulldog Seeds, a top grower based in the Netherlands.

Why we love it: Although Bubblegum Kush is Indica dominant, it has the ability to dissolve any stress you’re feeling that day, making you ready to enjoy the party. It is also a potent stress-busting strain that leaves you feeling happier and more euphoric. The way it makes everything seem more intense and colorful allow you to have a meaningful conversation with the people around you. It also loosens you up, making you feel giddier and euphoric, which is perfect for a party mood.

Effects: One of the best things about Bubblegum Kush is its sweet citrusy and bubblegum flavor. But sweet this strain may be though, its high THC level of 23% can leave you with an exhilarating mind and body high. Be warned though; this strain has a creeping high. It can take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes before you feel its effects.

Best for: Laidback parties and events.

Our Rating (5/5): 5/5

5. Super Silver Haze

Strain type: Super Silver Haze

Parent strains: Skunk #1 X Northern Lights #5

Backstory: Super Silver Haze may be considered as one of the most popular Sativas in the world. Known as the King of All Sativas back in the 1990s for its high THC level of about 23%, Super Silver Haze is famous for its potent high and relaxing effects.

Why we love it: This is one of the best weed strains to party with if you want something that can help you relax around people but not induce that much paranoia. For introverts who want to feel more open and outgoing around people, then this is a perfect choice. It gives you just the right amount of energy, coupled with an exhilarating euphoria and body high.

Effects: One of the reasons why this strain is very popular is because of its ability to reduce pain and, at the same time, produce powerful euphoria. It also gives your energy a boost as well as relaxes your muscles.

Best for: All occasions.

Our Rating (5/5): 5/5

6. Laughing Buddha

Strain type: Laughing Buddha

Parent strains: Thai X Jamaican strains

Backstory: Laughing Buddha was created by one of Amsterdam’s top growers, Barney’s Farm Seeds. An award-winning strain, Laughing Buddha is known for its potent euphoric high that leaves you giggling and laughing. This effect is one of the reasons why this is a good strain for parties.

Why we love it: Are you after the best marijuana strains for parties? Then Laughing Buddha is your best choice. It induces a bad case of the giggles, which is perfect if you’re after a good time. It can definitely make you feel more talkative, sociable, and productive. Conversations you have with other guests will seem more intense and fun. Laughing Buddha can make any party seem livelier and more colorful.

Effects: Laughing Buddha isn’t for beginners. It can make you feel more disoriented at first. But this feeling will give way to euphoria and relaxation. You will feel calmer, more productive, and lighthearted as you mingle around with guests.

Best for: Dance parties.

Our Rating (5/5): 5/5

7. Girl Scout Cookies

Strain type: Girl Scout Cookies

Parent strains: Durban Poison X OG Kush

Backstory: Also called GSC, this strain was created in California but soon became popular in the cannabis world. Because of its popularity in potency, aroma, and flavor, Girl Scout Cookies has become parent strains to several equally-famous strains such as Platinum Cookies.

Why we love it: This party cannabis strain is a favorite of many for its evenly-balanced mental and physical high. Its relaxing and euphoric effect is so powerful that it makes you feel more open to conversations with other guests. A few more puffs and you’ll find yourself partying and dancing with people.

Effects: Girl Scout Cookies has a very powerful analgesic and anxiolytic effects. A couple of deep hits, and you’ll feel all your stress and pain draining away. You’ll also feel your mood improving, leaving you euphoric and uplifted. These effects can definitely put you in the mood for a good party.

Best for: All occasions.

Our Rating (5/5): 5/5

8. Agent Orange

Strain type: Agent Orange

Parent strains: Space Queen X Jack’s Cleaner X Orange Skunk

Backstory: This potent strain was created by TGA Subcool Seeds by crossing three very powerful and equally-famous strains. Some say though that Agent Orange is a creation of MzJill Genetics and is said to be a cross between Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. This strain is famous for its powerful relaxing and uplifting effects.

Why we love it: Agent Orange has this unique blending of flavors and aroma. You’ll get hints of citrus fruits with cheese and herbs and traces of ammonia. But as a top cannabis for party goers though, this strain is famous for its ability to make you feel more relaxed, energetic, and euphoric. All these make you feel more comfortable and talkative around other guests. The boost in energy will also make you want to dance.

Effects: With a THC level that can be as high as 25%, you can expect some potent effects. After a deep hit, you will feel your energy increasing and your stress level decreasing. Agent Orange gives you that feeling of contentment and euphoria, making you feel ready to enjoy the party.

Best for: Nighttime parties.

Our Rating (5/5):5/5

9. Strawberry Cough

Strain type: Strawberry Cough

Parent strains: Strawberry Field X Haze

Backstory: This popular strain was created by one of the cannabis pioneers in the country, Kyle Kushman. Its history is pretty interesting though since it was created by accident. Kushman received a clone of a cannabis strain and planted it near a strawberry patch. Because the clone had a pungent yet strawberry sweet aroma, he named in Strawberry Field. He then crossed this plant with Haze to create Strawberry Haze.

Why we love it: This is definitely a must-have weed for party goers. It relaxes you, soothes away your stress, and makes you feel more euphoric. This mental high makes it easier for introverts to approach people and start a conversation, especially if you’re in a large crowd. It also gives you that extra boost in energy when partying at night.

Effects: One of the immediate effects of Strawberry Cough is its ability to relieve your stress and lift your spirits. A few more deep hits and you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to enjoy the party. You’ll feel more sociable and talkative.

Best for: Festivals and large parties.

Our Rating (5/5): 5/5

10. Trainwreck

Strain type: Trainwreck

Parent strains: Mexican X Thai X Afghani

Backstory: Trainwreck is considered as one of the most potent Sativa-dominant strains. A favorite in Northern California, this strain is known for its mood enhancing effects that leave you feeling euphoric and uplifted.

Why we love it: Trainwreck is one of the favorite cannabis strains for party for its heavy hitting effects. It quickly enhances your mood, making you feel ready to party and have some fun with friends. It will also spark your creativity, making conversations even more interesting. This strain also boosts energy, allowing you to party into the night.

Effects: Trainwreck has powerful analgesic effects that leave you stress-free and pain-free. A few deep puffs and you’ll feel a warm calmness wash over you, leaving you uplifted and euphoric. Be careful if you buy weed though, Trainwreck is known to induce couch lock in high doses. You want just enough to be able to enjoy the party, not fall asleep.

Best for: Dinner parties.

Our Rating (5/5): 5/5

These are just some of the best weed strains to party with. Some of these have high THC levels, which may not be the best strain for beginners since it can induce paranoia and anxiety.

But if you go slowly though and pace yourself, this list of best marijuana strains for parties will make your party experience unforgettable.

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