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How Long Does It Take for Weeds to Grow?

Growing weed is a long, complicated process that requires a bit of patience and a lot of knowledge. When someone starts cultivating cannabis, one of the first questions that comes up is almost always, “How long does it take for weeds to grow?”

When you’re growing weed — whether outdoor or indoor — you need to be aware of the plant’s specific timeline and how long it’ll take to cultivate it overall. Some seasons are better than others for growing weed, so paying attention to life cycles and time spans is absolutely crucial. That’s why, today, we’re addressing many of your cannabis cultivation concerns. From how long it takes to grow weed outdoors to the best strains to grow outside, we’re covering it all.

But, before we answer your question, “How long does it take for weeds to grow?” Let’s discuss the basics of cannabis cultivation.

What to Know About Growing Weed

Before you start growing weed, it’s important to know that it’s not like growing other herbs such as basil or thyme, for example. While the plants require the same basic needs — sunlight, water, nutrients, and space — you must follow strict parameters to keep them happy and healthy. That being said, you must ensure you have the proper setup and equipment to handle cannabis cultivation.

If you’re growing your weed outdoors, you cannot live anywhere with an adverse or unpredictable climate. Cannabis plants require moderate temperatures. You’ll have to make sure you have the proper space and equipment for cultivation; everyday people cannot access your cannabis plants.

Indoor growing also requires extensive lighting setups, air circulation, and proper space. If you’re planning on growing a few plants at once, they must have enough space to grow without invading the other plant’s area. Otherwise, you may risk contaminating the plants.

All in all, make sure you’re prepared for the time and effort that cannabis cultivation requires. This isn’t a process that you can complete in a month with little care. Instead, growing weed requires nearly round-the-clock attention, week after week.

Outdoors vs. Indoors

For those who are asking, “how long does it take to grow weed?” You may be curious about the efficacy surrounding growing cannabis outdoors versus indoors. Is one better? Which is ideal for beginners?

If you’re hoping to grow high-quality cannabis, then you’re going to want to aim for an indoor facility. It’s quite difficult to grow top-shelf flowers outdoors, and this is typically only reserved for producing extracts. With outdoor cannabis cultivation, you simply cannot obtain the ideal conditions that are necessary for weed production. Indoor allows for better control over practically all environmental factors, from lighting to temperature and even moisture.

We’d suggest avoiding cultivating your cannabis outdoors, as it creates more problems than it’s worth. Indoor cannabis cultivation will likely produce a better result and less hassle during production; plus, your plants will enjoy the nearly perfect growing conditions you can create indoors.

How Long Does It Take for Weeds to Grow?

Ah, yes, the million-dollar question: how long does it take for weeds to grow? This will depend on your personal growing style, but it typically takes anywhere from four to eight months to fully cultivate and harvest cannabis plants. However, we’ve found that five months is ideal for optimal plant quality, size, and potency.

We know what you’re thinking: four to eight months is a big difference in time. And it is! But, again, this is because cultivation isn’t one-size-fits-all. People have their own techniques and preferences, both influencing how long someone will grow their weed for.

How long it takes to grow weeds from seeds also depends on your space. If you’re just cultivating a few plants inside, your cannabis has the ability to flower much quicker than in a large grow space outdoors. Thus, the overall growing time for small-scale indoor growers will — of course — be less than those producing large-scale outdoor yields.

Four to eight months is a long time to cultivate a plant. However, cannabis has a complicated life cycle that requires each stage to have ample time for growth and progress. In the next section, we will break down the life cycle of the cannabis plant and how long each stage lasts. This way, you know exactly how long it takes for weeds to grow, every step of the way.  

The Life Cycle of the Cannabis Plants: How to Grow Weeds From Seeds

Are you wondering how to grow weeds from seeds? We’ve got you covered. Here, we’re breaking down the life cycle of the cannabis plant from start to finish. Each stage is unique, presenting different needs and timespans. Understanding each phase of the cannabis life cycle is essential towards growing the best, most potent plants possible. So, if you’re still wondering how long does it take to grow weed, read on to learn more.

The Germination Stage

The germination stage is the first — and shortest — stage in the cannabis plant life cycle. As you can imagine, it’s during this time that your weed seeds begin to sprout and root deep into your soil.

A healthy cannabis seed feels hard and dry to the touch. If you’re holding your seeds and they’re moist and soft, then you likely have an underdeveloped seed. You will not grow healthy plants from undeveloped seeds, so always check the hardness and appearance before starting the germination stage.

Once planted, your seed will stay in the germination stage for between 3-10 days. This stage requires a minimum of 16 hours of light per day, but 24 hours is best for helping the seed sprout. As soon as you begin to see the first fan leaves grow from your seeds, you’re on to the seedling stage.

The Seedling Stage

The seedling stage of your cannabis plant lasts between two to three weeks, requiring 16 hours of light per day at a minimum. However, it’s recommended that your plants are exposed to light for closer to 18-24 hours a day for best results.

During this stage, you’ll start to notice the sprouting of the plant’s fan leaves — the leaves that everyone knows and associates with marijuana.

Careful of overwatering during this stage. Seedlings are more susceptible to rot because their roots are so small, not requiring much water.

Over time, your plant’s fan leaves will start developing blades, just one at a time. When you have a healthy, mature cannabis plant, then you’ll have vibrant green leaves with 5-7 blades on each leaf, maybe more. When you notice your plants reaching this point, they’re no longer seedlings! It’s time to go on to the next stage.

The Vegetative Stage

During the vegetative stage, you’re going to have to be a little patient. This part of your plant’s life cycle typically takes between 3 – 16 weeks, and they’ll require at least 16 hours of sunlight, but 18 is ideal. You’ll want to give your plants six hours of direct sunlight and ten hours of indirect light.

While in this stage, your plants are going to grow exponentially. This is where nearly all of the growth happens, and you’ll start seeing your cannabis grow upwards and outwards. You’ll likely have to transport your plants to bigger pots during this stage, as they’ll be outgrowing their current situation. Trimming and pruning your plants are also necessary for the vegetative stage, preventing them from over-growing and invading each other’s spaces.

During the vegetative stage, you’ll finally start to be able to determine the sex of your plants. It’s crucial to get rid of the male plants, as they don’t provide the same effects as female plants. They can also contaminate and damage your female plants, so it’s best to discard them entirely. You should only keep these male plants if you’re interested in breeding.

Also, make sure to increase your plants’ watering. As they grow, they will require more water for their deeper, longer stalks.

The Flowering Stage

Finally, you’ve reached the flowering stage. It’s during this stage where your cannabis plants finally start sprouting those resinous buds we know and love — and smoke.

The flowering stage will take anywhere between 7-11 weeks to accomplish. However, in some strains, this can occur as early as 6 weeks, or even as late as 15 weeks. (This is more common with sativas.)

You’ll be keeping a close eye on your plants, watching as their buds fully develop. They will need less light during this time: about 12 hours per day. This lessened light cycle will decrease naturally if you’re growing your plants outdoors. If you started growing your plants during spring, then you should reach the flowering stage as summer turns to fall and the sun goes down earlier. For those growing cannabis indoors, you can simply manipulate light cycles yourself.

The strains you’re growing directly influence how long your plants take to flower. Typically, pure sativa strains take longer than indicas because of their size, so keep an eye on your more uplifting strains. Also, make sure to stop pruning your plants once they’ve reached this stage — this can damage them during flowering.

Finally, when your plants have all fully matured and grown their buds, it’s time to harvest.

How Long Do Pot Plants Take to Grow?

So, as you can see, how long it takes pot plants to grow simply depends. To determine your cultivation timeline, you’ll have to consider factors like the desired size you want your yield to reach, the strain you chose, method of production, and whether or not you had an ideal growing environment.

Make sure you don’t try to rush this process. Your plants take time to grow and mature healthily, and trying to speed up the process by manipulating light cycles may affect your plant’s potency over time. No matter what, you’re going to have to wait several weeks for your cannabis plants to be ready for harvest.

Compared to other plants, cannabis does take a bit longer to grow and cultivate. However, cannabis plants are highly complex, so it only makes sense how rigorous the growing process is, too. You have to make sure you have the time to cultivate your plants properly. So, if waiting a few months is just too long, then you should stick with purchasing flower from places like BestPotDelivery, instead.

When to Grow Your Cannabis Plants

If you want to have the most successful cannabis yield — and you’re growing your plants outdoors — there are specific times of the year that are best for each stage of the plant. Here are the best seasons for growing cannabis outdoors.

Typically, many cannabis cultivators begin germinating their seeds in early spring, typically in March/April. This way, by the time they become seedlings, you’re reaching the end of April or so. From there, it’s best to start moving or repotting your seeds in May or June. At this point, they will have grown enough to require more space and more attention. Usually, you’ll want this to happen before summer gets into full swing.

Next, the pruning and trimming of your plants during the vegetative cycle should occur throughout June to August. During these summer months, your plants are going to get a significant amount of sun when grown outdoors, so make sure you pay attention to lighting and watering.

Finally, it tends to be best to start harvesting your cannabis plants from September to November. As we mentioned earlier, your plants don’t require as much lighting during the flowering stage. If you’re growing plants outdoors, naturally, the sun sets earlier during these colder months, preventing them from getting too much sun. If you wait any longer, your plants may not get the proper light cycle they require. Thus, it’s ideal to have your plants entirely harvested before December rolls around.

We know — this means growing your plants can take up to a whopping eight months to grow. However, every stage of the plant’s life cycle is crucial, and they all play a huge part in how well your plants act. Thus, you just have to be patient!

Best Way to Grow Pot Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors isn’t an easy task. This is because, when your plants are outdoors, they can be significantly affected by the environment. When you grow cannabis indoors, you have total control over the elements, from lighting to temperature and moisture. But, when you cultivate cannabis outside, it’s harder to keep these elements under your control. Thankfully, it isn’t impossible, and we’re here to help you discover the best way to grow marijuana outdoors.

First, you have to make sure you have an ideal growing site. You cannot grow cannabis just anywhere, so take the time to really consider the climate, soil, and weather in your area. If you know of another place that may be less affected by Mother Nature, try setting up your grow there instead. After all, if you choose a location that your plants cannot thrive in, you’re never going to produce a usable result.

With this, you also need to consider things like sunlight, wind, and privacy. Again, you don’t want to place your plants somewhere where they can’t get ample sunlight exposure. On the same note, you don’t want there to be excess sun exposure, either; you have to find a nice balance. In terms of wind, you want to avoid lots of high wind that may damage or uproot your plants.

Privacy is vital when growing cannabis outside. Having a private space is the best way to grow pot outdoors, as it keeps you and your stash safe and sound. Make sure you have an enclosed, hidden space that the average consumer cannot access.

Some people find that growing some plants on their roofs and balconies is ideal for privacy reasons. In these spaces, you’re the only person who has access to your cannabis, and they’re undisturbed by potential trees or other shrubberies. This will allow them ideal sun exposure; however, keep a close eye on them when the weather does strike. If you don’t have a roof or balcony you can use, then feel free to plant your cannabis in the midst of your garden. Just make sure they are far enough away from other plants you’re growing, if you’re growing others.

Ideal Growing Climates

In general, you’ll want to grow your cannabis in moderate, temperate climates. You don’t want to attempt to cultivate cannabis anywhere with extreme rain, wind, snow, or heat. In fact, cannabis cannot grow and survive at temperatures above 85℉, and they’ll freeze anywhere below 55℉.

Thus, you need to find somewhere that has moderate temperatures throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. You don’t have to be too concerned about winter, as it isn’t ideal to grow your plants outside during the winter months, anyway.

Best Strains to Grow Outdoors

If you’re going to grow your cannabis outdoors, you want to make sure you’re growing hearty, durable strains that can handle whatever Mother Nature has to offer. Unfortunately, this isn’t a quality of all strains! So, we’re here to help you find some of the best strains to grow outdoors.

First off, many people find success in cultivating White Widow strains. White Widow is a strain with impressive resin production, making it more resistant to bacteria and fungi. Because of this slight resistance, a lot of people suggest that first-time growers try out White Widow — this hearty strain has a much lower chance of failing than others.

You can also grow Durban Poison strains outdoors if you’re looking for an uplifting, potent strain option. Durban Poison is one of the few strains we know of that actually thrive being outside, and some growers have found success growing them all year round. It’s an incredibly durable strain that can bring high THC levels, making it an excellent option for those looking for powerful results.

The final best strain option to grow outdoors would likely be a Hulkberry strain. Hulkberry strains are known to growers as being heart options, easy to grow, and able to survive various conditions. However, keep in mind that with a name like Hulkberry, you’re going to get quite a hulk-like plant. Expect to produce extra-tall plants with incredible buds.

Where to Buy High-Quality Cannabis Flower

Cultivating cannabis — whether it is outdoor or indoor — can be a tricky task. You need to have all of the right information, as well as proper growing equipment and a whole lot of time. However, with all of the right resources, you’ll be able to grow high-quality cannabis flower — it just might take some time.

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Cultivating & Consuming Cannabis With BestPostDelivery

At this point, hopefully you’re not still wondering, “how long does it take to grow weed?” The information shared is sure to point in the right direction.

At BestPotDelivery, we want you to be able to both consume and cultivate cannabis with ease. We understand how appealing — and how beneficial — cannabis can be. Thus, growing your own is something we’re all curious about. That’s exactly why BestPotDelivery is here to answer all of your canna-questions, whether it is about how long it takes for weeds to grow or something entirely different. No matter what, we’re here for you.

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