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Afghani (AA)

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Product Code: Afghani

Strain Name: Afghani

Dominant Strain: Pure, 100% Indica.

Brief History: Afghani is considered one of the vintage and most popular strains. Originating from the mountains of Afghanistan, Afghani has crossed borders and reached almost all cannabis communities in the world. Its potent effects are so popular that it became a building block for countless hybrid strains worldwide. Some of these hybrids even became just as popular as their parent strain. Two of the top award-winning hybrids that came from Afghani include Blueberry as well as Northern Lights.

Afghani has a long history. It was first cultivated in the Hindu Kush Mountains thousands of years ago. Experts believe that this region is where wild cannabis plants were first tamed by ancient people. After centuries of cultivation and natural selection, this ancient strain became even more perfect and well-balanced.

Distinguishing Features: The buds of Afghani range from pale green to medium green in color. Vivid orange hairs weave around the buds, and a thick layer of crystal-white trichomes cover them. The leaves are broad, short, and wide.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Afghani has a moderate THC content that usually ranges between 16% and 20%. CBD level is about 0.10% to 0.90%. Some tests though show that CBD content can reach about 1%. Other cannabinoids include 0.9% CBGA and 0.1% CBC.

Afghani contains a high amount of myrcene and terpinolene. Other terpenes include nerolidol, caryophyllene, linalool, ocimene, limonene, terpinene, and pinene.

Flavors/Aroma: Afghani is known for its sweet, fresh, and fragrant floral aroma that can be pretty pungent and earthy. It tastes deliciously sweet with robust traces of pine, spices, and herbs.

Effects: A pure, 100% Indica strain, you can expect a powerful full-body soothing and relaxing effect. This effect can be pretty potent. So expect to develop a heavy couch lock when you use Afghani.

In addition to total body relaxation, you can also expect some pretty potent euphoric effects. It’s a powerful mood booster that will leave you feeling completely happy and euphoric. It won’t affect your mental clarity though, but you’ll feel a little bit spacey yet deeply content.

You should also expect a strong appetite boost. Afghani stimulates appetite, so have your snacks ready.

Medical Conditions: A strain perfect for evening use, Afghani provides a well-balanced mental and physical high. It uplifts your mood and soothes your tired body. It washes away all the stress, tension, and anxiety you have had during the day. Since its relaxing effects can be pretty potent and last longer, Afghani can induce sleepiness and lull you to sleep. These effects make Afghani the best strain to use for insomnia. Its potent euphoric effects also make it the perfect strain to beat the blues. It can stabilize mood problems like depression, and it can control hyperactivity disorders like ADD/ADHD. Afghani can also benefit people who have anxiety disorders and are always under a lot of stress.

Afghani also has an effect on pain and can help control it. It can significantly reduce pain caused by migraines, headaches, and PMS. It can even combat chronic pain caused by nerve damage and joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis. Afghani’s anti-inflammatory effects can also reduce symptoms caused by chronic inflammation.

This strain is a powerful appetite stimulant. This effect can benefit patients with anorexia. It can also help improve appetite loss caused by chemotherapy drugs. Afghani also has antiemetic properties and can control nausea and vomiting.

Where to Buy: Buying Afghani online is easy to do. Simply order premium-grade Afghani from top online weed providers like where quality and freshness are always assured.

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Olivia Roy - 29/04/2021

I recently decided to try cannabis I was told that it might help fight my anorexia. My friend, who is struggling with the same ailment, advised me. After I use it, I feel hungry, and this is exactly what I need. It became easier for me to eat. Thank you.

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