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Burmese Kush (AA)

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Indica % Sativa %
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Pain Relief

Burmese Kush Cannabis is a great hybrid strain that has diverse positive effects in addition to features. Irrespective of having a sweet taste as well as a calm, euphoric buzz, its effects may be vital in combating common psychological and physical illnesses. Users will discover this strain to possess an earthly, piney scent. The plant has a deep green color, and naturally remains small that makes it possible towards growing it both outdoors and indoors. 

Recognized for its lasting, sweet pine flavor, this strain is well-regarded.  Its flavor is unique, nonetheless loved by its users. Numerous individuals love its sweetness equated to other kinds of cannabis. Burmese Kush was generated by TH Seeds who blended cannabis from Burma with OG Kush. Having 40 percent Sativa and 60 percent Indica, this strain was designed towards offering the utmost of both worlds. 

Users assert that the effects of Burmese Kush are praiseworthy. Typically, the high generated by this strain is a creeper. It generates feelings of euphoria that develop into a satisfying, flawless, cerebral calm. Users experience a heightened body high that may result in deep relaxation. 

Burmese Kush is recommended for nighttime as well as evening usage only and thus likewise recommended to insomniacs. Its effect on body high has the capability to soothe the pains of diverse illnesses. The strain is likewise utilized by individuals that search for relief from either stress or anxiety disorders. Moreover, users that are victims of nausea and loss of appetite may discover reprieve and a necessity to feed as a result of “munchies effect”.  The utmost use of this strain is its medical implications. Burmese Kush may assist individuals with stomach disorders which cause nausea, and those suffering from chronic pain disorders. 

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MaryL - 09/05/2020

Don’t buy it!
Does not smell or taste ANYTHING at all and does not do anything!! I mean what is that is it even real pot?
I don’t understand how it is possible that bestpot sell such low qualitystuff even for AA thats far from being acceptable! That’s a friggin D rating.

Maxwell - 12/04/2019

Balanced hybrid. Loved this one!

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