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Chemdawg (AA)

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Nobody quite knows where this stain originally came from. A mix of Nepalese (indica) and Thai (sativa) give this cannabis a good balance between the uplifting effects of sativa and the calming effects of indica both. This is not a good plant for indoor growth, as the smell is particularly strong and pungent, giving off a distinct diesel smell. It grows quite tall, and has a very high yield of flowers and buds, with a stretch which is higher than normal too. Since this hybrid is both indica and sativa, it can make people taking it feel more anxious than a purely indica breed or hybrid would, so while it is good for the treatment and management of stress, depression is not mandated for it, as this would be too strong of an effect on them. 

People also use this strain medicinally and recreationally for handling pain, a lack of appetite, and headaches, as the combination of sativa and indica allows the hybrid to give the best effects of both strains of cannabis. The sativa acts to counteract some of the more somnolent components of the indica, meaning that while it is a hybrid which is best used in the evening or just before bed, it isn’t going to render the user completely catatonic. While doctors and recreational users love to use this to specifically combat stress and pain due to the happiness and euphoria which they experience, it is not for first-time users, as Chemdawg is very powerful.

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Lori Hall - 28/06/2021

Beautiful bud just as pictured. multi coloured, well trimmed solid colour buds. Nice hybrid. Well worth the money.....

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