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Cherry Punch (AAAA)

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Brand: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

Product Code: #Cherry Punch

Indica %Sativa %

Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

Cherry Punch


Family:  Hybrid at 50% Sativa/ 50% Indica

Breeder: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

Grower: Tetrahedron Cannabis Co

lineage:  Cherry AK-47 X purple punch

Strain Name: Cherry Punch

Cherry Punch is a hybrid at 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. It is popular for its uplifting effects that leave you with a long-lasting mellow mental buzz, making it a fast favorite of many.

Distinguishing Features

The Cherry Punch bud's have rounded dense minty green nugs with deep purple undertones, matching leaves, thin elongated orange hairs and a coating of tiny sparkling frosty white crystal trichomes.

Flavors and Aromas

Cherry Punch bud's have a super sweet fruity berry taste with hints of cherries and a touch of skunkiness to it, too. The aroma is very similar, although with a pungent overtone that intensifies the more that you toke


Cherry Punch Perfect for day use, Cherry Punch gives you a uplifting and euphoric feeling. One deep hit and you feel happier, more peaceful, and more uplifted.

This strain also boosts your creative juice and enhances social interactions. It also gives your energy a boost before tapering down to a pleasant, relaxing effect.

Medical Conditions

There are many medical conditions that Cherry Punch can help relieve. Its energy-boosting effect may be good for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Its pain-relieving effects may be good for chronic pain and inflammation as well as head-splitting headaches like migraines.

Cherry Punch is also a good strain for insomnia, appetite loss, depression, chronic stress, and anxiety.

Side Effects

Cherry Punch, like most strains with high THC levels, produces several negative side effects as well. For one, it produces dry mouth and dry eyes, which can be pretty uncomfortable especially to first time users.

Two, Cherry Punch can also increase paranoia as well as anxiety. It can also induce dizziness.

Where to Buy

You may order Cherry Punch from your local dispensary or from trusted online weed providers like A Canada-based provider, they offer premium-grade, fresh cannabis buds, shipping them locally and internationally.

For any questions regarding their buds and other cannabis products, you may get in touch with them through their 24/7 live support.

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bergi - 11/02/2022

très bonne odeur , beaucoup de terpene au vaporisateur a 188­ degré , c'est une saveur douce de cerise , fruité , legèrement boisé , donne un effet vraiment relaxant , il est dans mon top3 , toujours une qualité top notch ,

very good smell, a lot of terpene spray at 188 degree, it is a sweet flavor of cherry, fruity, slightly woody, gives a really relaxing effect, it is in my top3, always a top notch quality

Killian Pichon - 17/01/2022

Fruity, perfect for a digestive spliff with a dessert.

Nate - 15/02/2021

Amazing strain. Smells like a fruity diesel to me. Perfect buds, lots of colour. The smoke is unbelievablely smooth and has that fruity taste to it. Nice uplifting relaxing high

LOVE - 01/08/2019

Great, very potent. James is very helpful and very kind. Came in 2 days. Will be purchasing again!

Fun Fun Fun - 11/04/2019

This one is great, light and fun! Had a great laugh!

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