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Hybrid Pre-Rolls

What is a Hybrid Marijuana Pre-Roll?

The original strains of cannabis are mainly indica and sativa strains which have different characteristics due to the different climates they grow in. Hybridization or crossbreeding of the two strains has been going on for a while to form a strain of cannabis that share the characteristics of both indica and sativa strains. Hybrid marijuana causes a much wider range of high in smokers. It has also given rise to new opportunities where people customize their hybrid strains to have specific effects.

Hybrid marijuana can be classified into three categories: indica-dominant hybrids, sativa-dominant hybrids, and balanced hybrids. Indica-dominant hybrids combine both the sativa and indica strain but the effects of the indica remain more dominant. They are used as pain relievers with a certain amount of soothing high. Sativa-dominant hybrids also combine both strains with the effects of sativa remaining more dominant. It provides the energization and invigoration associated with the sativa strain alongside the relaxation effect associated with the indica strain. Balanced hybrids combine both strains in an even ratio such that none is more dominant than the other. It combines the genetic characteristics of the indica and the sativa strains to provide a wide range of high that covers the effects of both strains.

Hybrid marijuana pre-rolls are joints or blunts that are rolled in advance using only hybrid marijuana before they are packed for sale. They offer advantages such as low prices, ready availability, convenience, and time-saving. Consumers save time they would have spent rolling or learning how to roll joints and blunts by themselves. Hybrid marijuana also has an added advantage over other pre-rolls since it offers users the effects of both cannabis strains in just one joint. This way they save on costs as well.

How Pre-Rolled Joints Are Made

It is well established that pre-rolls are prepared from leftover shakes collected from jars containing cannabis flower of the hybrid strain. The preferred hybrid shake is funneled into rolling papers and cones using pre-rolling machines or by hands. The mixture in the cones and rolling papers are then shaken in a machine to assist with the settling of the content and the removal of airspaces. The shake in the joints may also need to be tamped down gently to ensure optimum tightness and a rich burn when ignited. Finally, the tip is twisted to complete the rolling process of the joint.

It is more preferable to use pre-rolling machines in the preparation of hybrid marijuana pre-rolls due to the higher quality of joints produced with regards to their aesthetic appeal. The machines also roll more joints at a time compared to the used of hands only. Hybrid marijuana joints are packaged into boxes of five or more joints once the pre-rolling process is complete. These boxes, also referred to as joint packs, are similar to cigarette packs and can be shared out easily with friends. The joints in each pack are individually inspected for flaws before packaging. Once packed, the box or packet is sealed by heat to preserve the freshness of the hybrid cannabis strain.

Are There Any Secret Ingredients in Pre-Rolls?

The secret ingredient for the preparation of hybrid marijuana pre-rolls is shake from a hybrid cannabis strain. The shake is collected from jars of flowers from a hybrid sativa strain. Another method is to collect shake from different flower jars containing different strains of cannabis. The shake from the different strains is then mixed in whichever ratio that is desirable to the budtenders and the end consumers. Mixtures with more indica content form the indica-dominant hybrid pre-rolls while mixtures with more sativa content form the sativa-dominant hybrid pre-rolls. Evenly mixed mixtures form balance hybrid pre-rolls. However, the most preferable method is the use of shake of flowers from hybrid cannabis strains formed through cross-breeding.

Fresh shake from fresh flowers and buds make the best quality hybrid marijuana-pre-rolls. On the other hand, dry shake from flowers and buds that have overstayed in the dispensary shelves often make low-quality hybrid marijuana joints. The inclusion of stems and leaves in the shake also lowers the quality of the joint and causes it to lose the smooth smoke associated with good quality joints. Purchasing hybrid marijuana rolls is relatively more complicated since one has to establish which kind of rations have been used as well as the quality of the shake in the joints.

Where to Find Good Pre-Rolls

Our online shop offers a wide variety of high-quality hybrid marijuana pre-rolls that suits any needs a consumer may think of for sale. We also offer the best prices in the market for marijuana products along with information about every product. More information is available especially with regards to the different ratios and effects of different hybrid marijuana types. Customers are free to request for any information before and after making a purchase. Hybrid marijuana pre-rolls come in joint packs of between five to ten joints depending on the occasion.

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