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LED Tuna (AAA)

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Strain Name: LED Tuna AAAA

LED Tuna Kush is simply Tuna Kush grown under LED lights. LED lights offer growers several benefits. It allows indoor growing; it produces healthier plants; and it reduces bacteria and pest risks.

LED Tuna strain is one of the phenotypes of Hindu Kush, a classic Indica cannabis strain known for its potent medicinal benefits. An Indica-dominant strain, Tuna Kush is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

Brief History of LED Tuna

Tuna Kush, also called Tuna OG, originated from Canada, specifically British Columbia. Known for its potency, this strain is fast becoming a favorite in the United States for its powerful sedative effects.

Tuna Kush has a very overpowering aroma. But once you get past its pungent fishy aroma, it gives you a very rich mental and physical high.

Distinguishing Features of LED Tuna

The buds of LED Tuna Kush are slightly elongated in shape and minty green in color. Tiny, vivid orange hairs twist in and around the buds, while frosty-white trichomes densely cover each bud.

The leaves of LED Tuna Kush are bright green in color, slightly broad, and gently curl inward.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of LED Tuna

Tuna Kush has a THC level that typically ranges between 16% and 18%. Although its THC level is pretty average compared to other cannabis strains, its effects are a beautiful blending of a physical and mental high.

We found no laboratory test results though on its other cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Flavors and Aromas of LED Tuna

Tuna Kush has a very pungent and dank aroma reminiscent of skunky, rotting fish. You`ll also notice an earthy, Kush scent with hints of diesel and spices. It tastes dank and skunky as well with traces of diesel and spices.

It may cause you to gag at first, but this strain packs a potent punch once you get used to it.

Effects of LED Tuna

LED Tuna Kush produces a mental high that leaves you feeling happier and more content. One deep toke and you`ll feel your mood improving.

Its physical high will soon follow. You will feel your muscles start to relax as all the tension leave your body. You will also feel your mind relaxing, leaving you calmer.

Medical Conditions

LED Tuna Kush is a good strain to use in the evening. It promotes better sleep which helps insomniacs. It also helps stabilize mood which benefits people with depression, chronic stress, and anxiety problems.

The potent analgesic effect of LED Tuna Kush may be able to help people suffering from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and migraine attacks.

Where to Buy LED Tuna

If you`re looking for this particular strain, you can order LED Tuna Kush from They are a reliable and trusted provider of premium-grade, fresh cannabis buds.

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Lori Hall - 23/07/2020

Buds have decent frosting. Nice Kush nose. Trim bit shaggy but buzz present. Decent smoke for the price!

Jeremy Prevost - 29/02/2020

Not sure why it went from AAAA to AAA and from $220 to $150. It was still good especially for the money but it use to be AAAA now it is only AAA. But also more affordable lol

Jack - 05/04/2019

Hey! I have only vaped it, not smoked so here goes my feedback! Compared to Tuna Kush from Best Pot - it definitely is more flavored, smoother and gets me higher than Tuna. It is also greener (darker green) than Tuna. I would say this one is the best for an evening chill. I give it 4-5 stars!

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