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Sweet Tooth (AA)

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Strain Name: Sweet Tooth Cannabis Strain

Dominant Strain: Indica-dominant at 70% Indica / 30% Sativa.

Brief History: An award-winning strain, Sweet Tooth’s genetic roots can be traced to three popular landrace strains. These are the Hawaiian landrace, Afghani landrace, and Nepalese landrace.

Sweet Tooth was created by Barney’s Farm. Its potent sedative effect has made it the go-to strain of both recreational and medical cannabis users. In 2000, Sweet Tooth was awarded first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup (People’s Cup). In 2001, it yet again earned the sweet first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It also took home the first prize at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup (Dutch Hash Cup). It earned 13th place at the 2003 Cannabis Culture’s Tokes Bowl.

Sweet Tooth’s potency has, indeed, taken the cannabis world by storm.

Distinguishing Features: The buds of Sweet Tooth are small but very dense and compact. They are bright green in color with orange and peach hairs weaving through each bud. The buds are covered by a rich layer of milky-white trichomes. The leaves are deep green in color.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Sweet Tooth has a moderately average THC level of about 16%, although some tests reveal it can go as high as 22%. CBD and CBN levels are low at 0.08% to 0.58% and 0.05% to 0.49% respectively. Other cannabinoids include CBGA of 0.6% and CBC of 0.1%.

Its terpene profile includes caryophyllene, pinene, humulene, and myrcene. It also contains linalool, limonene, and terpinolene.

Flavors/Aroma: If you have a sweet tooth, then this strain is perfect for you. Sweet Tooth is one of the most fragrant and sweet-smelling strains with its sweet, flowery aroma. It tastes sweet and a little woody, too. There are rich flavors of sweet candies, berries, and fruits as well.

Effects: An Indica-dominant strain, Sweet Tooth is popular for its well-balanced mental and physical effects. Its mental high can kill any black mood or negative thoughts you might have. A lungful and you’ll instantly feel better as warm feelings of happiness, delight, and euphoria wash over you. With Sweet Tooth, all your worries and anxieties will drain away.

Soon after the cerebral euphoria, the full mind and body relaxing and soothing effects kick in. You will feel all your muscles relax as the tension and pain leave your body. At high doses, Sweet Tooth can induce a potent body stone and glue you to your couch. So if you simply want to rest, relax, and get a good night’s sleep, then Sweet Tooth is for you.

Medical Conditions: Best used in the evening, Sweet Tooth is the perfect strain to clear your mind and get rid of all the anxiety and stress that clouds it. It is also the perfect strain if you want to relax and prep for a deep, peaceful sleep. Sweet Tooth is known for its mood-elevating effects and can immediately stabilize any mood swings. These therapeutic effects make it the top choice to control symptoms of ADD/ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety disorders. This can also control the mood swings associated with PMS and chronic stress. Sweet Tooth’s sedating effects that can help control insomnia and allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Sweet Tooth produces analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. These effects can control pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, chronic fatigue, as well as fibromyalgia. It can also control painful PMS symptoms as well as headaches and migraines.

Sweet Tooth can enhance appetite, so patients with appetite problems like anorexia can benefit from this strain.

Where to Buy: you can purchase fresh and premium-grade Sweet Tooth cannabis from one of the top online weed providers in the industry,

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Patric - 08/03/2019

Works for me in the evening. This MJ is pretty good but I've tried better here.

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